Under the tree #5

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After one long year of confession, commitment, togetherness, misunderstanding, separation, loneliness, friendship and whole lot of drama this is where they stood.

They talked to each other normally without any awkwardness but yet the magic their thought had was missing. That pretty feeling when you here that notification tone was lost somewhere. Ananya was tired of talking to him as “just friends” when she knew she felt far more than that for him. On one hand she just wanted to confess to him all over again and on the other she was afraid of the fact of what would be his reply. More than anything she didn’t want to lose this friendship that she had gained after such long and painful wait. She knew crystal clear what she felt for him but what if this was not the right time to let him know that too? What if it was just too early? What if he wasn’t ready for it? What if he never wanted them to be anything but just friends? All these thoughts kept her from telling him how much she loved him. How much she has craved for him. How much she has missed him. How much she wanted him. How empty she has been feeling all these days. But did this feeling was mutual? Did he also miss her? Ananya feared she already knew the answer. No. Plain and simple it would be from him. But this was not about him. It was about her. It didn’t matter how long they had been in a relationship, but how long she missed him in times they weren’t. It broke her heart everyday to see him so this time she was ready if even he was going to say no cause this time it would be once and for all. And then it would be easier for her to get over him knowing that she could have not done anything more to mend the things between them. At least it was better than feeling that once if could have told him things would be a lot different. She just wanted an answer and this she was damned to get it.


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