Under the tree #6

No. That’s all she got. She said she was ready for it but did she really prepare for a no. It was way too hard to let him go. To let someone so close to her heart just leave. She didn’t know what was she going to do now. She didn’t know if her heart was even going to beat again. If she will ever be able to trust anyone again because she was broken. She could smile and act as if nothing happened but the fact was that letting him go was the hardest thing she had ever done. But feeling guilty about it wasn’t going to change anything. She was hurt and he was gone. Forever. No one could change that. He was gone. Three letters craved the reason for her existence. She doubted if she could ever exist without him. Her each and every beat was in the hope that one day everything will change. That one day every thing will be back to normal. That one day her love will be responded. That one day there would be only one person that she would await. Hope it’s a bad word. And empty hope is even worse. She didn’t know what this all meant for her. But she knew that even the darkest of pain can find solitary in literature. But just expressing it didn’t help the gulp that forced in her throat. The pain she was feeling without him. Why can’t they ever behave like a normal couple in love? Why did always there was a need of misunderstanding? Why was she always the one to be blamed? Why did it appear that she was the only one who cared? Why was it that he never asked her why she was hurting? Why was it that it just didn’t happen for both of them? Weren’t they meant to be? These thoughts haunted her day after day. Now it wasn’t easy to just talk to him like she used to. It would just keep him in her life forever. And knowing that having a friend like him was something she couldn’t afford.


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