Long distance relationship

Naira was busy cooking in her house when someone rang the bell. She went to open the door only to find one person she knew could be there at this odd time. She opened the door to find a grinning cute guy Rohan. Her best friend forever. Rohan could do anything too just get a smile on Naira’s face and Naira could never do anything that can make Rohan sad. They were almost inseparable. They were competitors and were always neck to neck to top the class. They met on the very first day of the college and from then onwards were best friend until now. They never let their competition come between their friendship. ‘Rohan what ate you doing here at this time?’ ‘What am a human too. I was hungry and i thought you must be cooking. ‘Okay my cutie pie come I cooked your favorite cause I knew you were going to come.’ ‘Really! Now that’s like my best friend.’ She serves both of them and they sit at the dining table to enjoy their dinner. They both talked about stuff like studies their upcoming events and many more things they also kept on feeding each other in between. That’s when Naira’s phone rang and even Rohan noticed the caller. It was Sameer. Rohan didn’t want to overhear their conversation and left the table and went to the balcony. It’s when he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Naira. She grabbed his arm and laid her head on his shoulder. ‘You know Rohan sometimes I wish Sameer was here but then I think would he accept our friendship.’ ‘You know I don’t understand why haven’t you told him about us yet?’ He said while playing his head over top of hers. ‘I fear he may not understand it.’ Tightening her grip on his arm. ‘Well you gotta tell him soon.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I should go now.’ ‘So soon?’ ‘Yeah i gotta study.’ ‘Okay.’ She went with him till the door. He hugged her and said in her ears, i love you . ‘I love you too my friend.’ He said and left. On his way home he thought if ever he would be able to tell him how much he loved her.


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