Long distance relationship

It was weeks after that day abd it was the intertwined inter college basketball tournament. Rohan was captain of their college team. It was first time that in his captaincy that his college has reached the finals. He was very evicted for the match. on the end of first half the score was 15-21 abd his team lead by 6 points. There were only two minutes left abd score was tied. The member of opposite team pushed Rohan and he fell on the ground. And then they got a free throw. It was Rohan for a win. He took the basket abd they won. He was very happy. He hugged Naira. Naira promised that If they win she wound cook him dinner. While cooking a free strand of hairs disturbed her. He took that stand and tucked it behind her ear. He kept his hand there for a moment. She leaned into him. Their lips were moments away. Rohan moved back with a jerk. It was not how it was meant to be. Rohan thought that it was time to tell her how he felt about her.


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