A shining white sedan halted near the big sky scraper. A gorgeous lady came out with Indian attire. She went in abd saw Shekhawat Law Firm engraved in front of floor 22. She went in the lift abd reached 22. She saw a man abd went up to him. “Are you Mr. Shekhawat ?” “No ma’am I am his assistant. I believe Mr Shekhawat it’s busy you can wait I’ll call you when he is free.” There cave a ravishing figure out well suited in a three piece suit. “Don’t you worry Mr. Malhotra we will win the case at any cost.” “Rahman send the next client in will you.” “Sure sir.” “Mrs Raiprakash if you would.” “Yeah.” “So you are Sharon Raiprakash ?” “Yes Mr Shekhawat.” “Swayam .” “Yeah right. ” “can I ask you why do you want to divorce your husband Mr. Rajput?” ”I don’t love him anymore.” “Very well Sharon but in that way the judge would give you a six months statement.” “I think he is hooking up with another women.” “Do you have any proof?” “Nope.” “Okay then I’ll have to look for some do that I can get done with this.” “Okay.” “As soon as I get something I’ll call you.” “Very well.”

After a week…

“Mrs Raiprakash, I was hoping you could meet me at the earliest. I have got something to share.”
“Okay can you come to the cafe@21?”
“Ah okay I’ll be there in half an hour.”
“Very well then.”

After half an hour…
“Yes Swayam you said you got something to share?”
“Well yeah Sharon. Actually I was looking in your husband’s financials when I got this… pulling out a document… These ate your husband’s bank account statement he is being transferring a sum of 2 lacks to an account number registered to someone called Alisha Banerjee . Do you no her?”
“No not familiar I guess.”
“Abd then I ran into his mobile details there are several calls straight to a mobile number again règistered  to same person Mrs banerjee.”
“I see.”
“Mrs Raiprakash I think this is the girl he is cheating you with.”
“So can we file a case?”
“No not yet but I was thinking to meet with this Mrs banerjee. I think i can get someone details out of her. And dont forget what I told you about your husband. No fights . No arguments. Okay.”
“Yeah, well Swayam i was wondering if you could come with me to a party tonight actually its of my friends anniversary so?”
“Ahh well I am a bit busy but I could surely come after nine. Would that be fine?”
“Yeah  its completely fine.”
“Okay, I’ll see you then.”
It was half past nine he still wasn’t there. Sharon thought that maybe it was not right to call him but then a fierce black SUV rolled in. There he was seated in a crisp three piece suit again. She did know that he was too handsome. He got out from the car and opened the door for her like a complete gentleman. She sat in and he drove to the place she mentioned. They entered the party and she went to congratulate her friend. Swayam just went to a bar. He didnt know that Rishab Rajput was here too. He saw him approaching Sharon and thought that they might end up in an heated up argument. He paced up to Sharon and just when Rishab was going to meet Sharon Swayam reached their first.
“Hey baby, what you doing here alone?” Swayam asked Sharon eyeing towards Rishab.
“Sharon suddenly turned to him and put her hands around his neck.
“Nothing love, I was just looking for you and she inched closer to him.
Rishab just left from there in disgust.
Sharon was staring at those chocolate brown eyes forever. Swayam said, “he is gone now.”
Sharon jerked her hands of him. The party went smooth adb sharon just kept on stealing glances of Swayam. Swayam on the other hand thought how could he getbto that Mrs banerjee. The party ended and swayam walked sharon to the car. Its when he noticed that someone was following them. Swayam got a hold of sharon and turned her towards himself exchanging their position. Its when Swayam git shot by three bullets one after the other. He fell down scorching in pain. Sharon saw Rishab there abd could thinkbthatbhe was going to shout Sharon but swayam came in the way. She held his head in her lap and held out fir his hand. She screamed for ambulance. The ambulance arrived and he was taken to the hospital he was fine now. Sharon could not believe that he risked his life to save her. She didn’t leave the hospital even for a second. Sharon sat besudes him when the doctors finished their work. She held his hand in hers and kept looking at him moist eyed.


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