Swayam was fine again . Sharon was taking care of him until he was back in his foot. He and Sharon had got very close. Sharon thought that he was more than a friend to her. Meanwhile swayam met with Mrs banerjee.

“mrs banerjee do you know mr rishab rajput? ”
“Yes but why’d you ask that? ”
” I think he is cheating on you too.”
“Can you please be clear enough? ”
“Do you know that he is married?”
“No, really? ”
” yes. And his wife is divorcing him .”
” ohh so what you want me to do? ”
“I just want you to give a statement in the court that he was cheating on her”
“Thank you so much Mrs mukherjee.”
“Yeah. No worries.”
“I’ll tell you the date and time of the hearing.”
“Very well then.”

I rushed to Mrs raiprakash’s house and told her aboutbmy meeting with mrs banerjee.

“So she agreed to give the statement.”
” yes abd i would go to the court tomorrow and file the case. But is there anything that you would like to share with me . because mr rajput would uave his lawyer too and there should be absolutely nothing that he knows and i don’t. So?
“Yes two months ago i was pregnant and in aborted his child cause i didnt want it. ”
And saying that shw began crying.
Swayam went close to her and cupped her fave and wiped her tears. Shron immediately hugged him. He hugged her back too.

We were over with the case soon enough and Sharon got her divorce. I was dropping her back home when my car suddenly out of nowhere broke down in the middle of the road. I tried fixing it but it was beyond repair. I was going to buy a new car and it was the perfect reason for it. Its when it started raining heavily. Sharon just jumped out of the car and started getting all wet. I went back to the car as I didn’t want to catch a cold. I may catch cancer but cold is a thing I hate.

“Come on Swayam.”

“Are you mad Sharon? Just get back in the car.”

“Come on don’t be such a kill joy.”

I went out and caught her by her arm.

“Sharon you are going to catch cold.”

“Swayam just ask me to dance with you.”

“Sorry I can’t catch you?”

“Just ask me to dance with you.”

“Its raining like hell Sharon would you please get in the car?”

“Come on Swayam.”

I finally gave up. I gave my hand to her and she took it gladly. I placed one of my hand on her waist and she place one on my shoulder. We started swaying to the sound of the rain drops.   She put her hands on the back of my neck and looked straight into my eyes. I could not help but smile. She then placed her head on my chest and snugged closer as if trying to hear my heartbeats. She was literally hugging me . I hugged her back.


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