It was just another day Sharon was visiting ne. After the case got over we became good friends. I was going to meet her after a meeting abd she was already in my house. She was randomly checking on cupboards when she opened one she should not have. There was my 40 caliber hand gun in there. I just reached the house.
“Swayam why do you have gun in your house?”
“That i supposedly forgot to take with me today.”
“Why do you carry a gun?”
“It’s s part of my business. I deal with facetious people. Please you would not clarify under good. Sharon i have people who killed people but from guilty i proved then white. Abd that blood is on me.”

We went to have dinner at a decent place. I dropped Sharon home abd was on my way back home. Òut of nowhere a guy pushed me in a van. Before I could do anything another man infected me with a syringe.

A man washed my face with water. I was perplexed by the whole hostage thing. I could not remember anything. But my head was poisoning paining. I think that the syringe had tricked my migraine problem.
“Do you know who you are?”
“Swayam Shekhawat”
“Where do you work?”
“Shekhawat Law Firm that i build myself.”
“Do you know Rajeev malhotra?”
“Yeah. He is my client.”
“Do you within for him?”
“Whom are you into?”
“Forensics international. The forged his brothers dead body abd patented fake postmortem report.”
“Do you have proof?”
“Do you know who killed Mr Rakesh malhotra?”
“Yeah. As a matter of fact i do.”
“Head of trinity international’s. Where he was the managing director.”
“Ashok Ahlawat.”
“Do you know who hit you here?”
He left after that. The next day I was trying to get my hands on the gun but I could not. Then I saw someone coming. I lays back my hands.
“Where is the proof of forensics international’s forged report?”
“Cut me lose abd I would tell Yaa.”
“That’s ain’t happening.”
“Then shut the he’ll up.”
“Tell me where it is our else I would inject you again.”
“I have hit used to it.”
“Just tell me the fuck up.”
“You ain’t getting any answers before you let me free.”
He infected me again abd i fainted. I woke up again next morning abd i found a gun pointed at my forehead.
“Tell me where the proof of or where lose your life.”
“Back at my office on my safe.”
“There isn’t it opens at my touch.”
“Free him.”
I was lying. I never keep evidence at my office abd i have no such save. I did that because there will be people at my office.
Wet went straight to my office abd i got a chance abd scribbled oh my assistants desk call the police. The police din arrived at the office abd arrested them. I warned Mr malhotra to be safe. As soon as I was back there cave Sharon abd she hugged me tight. I too hugged her back.
“Where have you been?” I was so queued.”
“I was abducted. But I am done now.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Actually it comes with the job.”



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