The day at courtroom,

“My lord, Forensics International is guilty of forging the postmortem report of my client’s brother  Rakesh Malhotra.”

“My lord I would like to know if my co lawyer has any proof to what he just said.”

“Of course. this is the original report of the postmortem and this is the forged one.”

“Where did you get those?”

“As a matter of fact, that’s none of your business.”

“If I may insist.”

“Well your client assured that you remove every trace of the original file but you forgot to delete the file from the back up CD you created.”

“Well after listening to appeals form both the sides I announce that Forensics International is guilty and that MR. Ashok Ahlawat killed Mr. Malhotra and paid the firm to forge the report. The court is adjourned.

“Very well Swayam. I know I was going to loose that one.”

“Not quite Amsih.”

“Well did you think about the joined law firm I told you.”

“Oh yeah I am up for it.”

“Then pack your bags boy we are goin to Chicago.”


“The lawyers get paid a lot there and with your intelligence and my connections we might make a fortune.”

“Okay when do we leave?”


“Did you think about a name?”


“Imperial Law Firm.”


I went to visit Sharon later that day.

“I am moving to Chicago.”


“A friend of mine wants to start a law firm.”

“Good for you. When will you be leaving?”


“Well call me before you leave.”


The day finally arrived when I were to leave for Chicago . Sharon came to drop me by the airport.

“I’ll call you when I reach.”

“Okay. I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

She hugged me and I hugged her back. that was the last time I saw her.


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