Chicago was so fucking good. The third most populous city in the US. With the Chicago river , willis tower , cloud gate Chicago water tower, lincoln park and so many other places to be in. But today I was stuck up with this police station. To get my official license as an lawyer.

“There’s your license man.”

“Thank you.”

A file fell apart.

“Hey I think….”

He was gone.
I picked the file up abd opened it. It was off some Roger green. I read it abd found that it was not solved yet. But the file wasn’t close either. There’s a notice from the da if the files closed . Perhaps i found it interesting to follow it. But every lead I caused end up at a dead end. They either had rock solid alibi or had a good depiction to cover . Maybe that’s why it was never solved but I didn’t give up. There was a party the victim attended before being dead. I went to the hotel where the party was. I tried investigating.
“Hello! I am Swa… George Halton.”
“You look rather Asian fire it.”
“My mother was Japanese.”
“Well i an here to investigate murder of Roger green. He was to attend a party here before six months. Can i have the guest list of the party. It was thrown by Greek gods foundation.”
“Just a moment sir.”
Meanwhile I went to the bar and talked to the bartender.
“Hey can you remember the party thrown by Greek God foundation before six months?”
“Of course a man ends up dead everyone remembers.”
“Yeah could you tell me something about it.”
“Yeah he was here just from the beginning. Abd he was figeting with his phone.”
“And he kept on texting someone.”
“I couldn’t see but it was hike. I got it from the notification tone. Abd then this weird thing happened. He took the glass abd purposely spoiled it on his shirt. ”
“But why?”
“I dunno but then he went to the washroom abd never showed up again. Next thing I know he end up dead.”
“Okay. Thank you.”
“Sir this is the guest list.”
“Did you notice anything unusual?”
”No sir.”
“Okay thank you.”

I was back to home abd with beer in my hand trying to guess what this guest list meant. There was nothing unusual. Normal people. I mean yeah top bureaucrats, aristocrats, government official but not a straw to help me drown. But I noticed something strange. There was no female in the party. I decided to visit the hotel once again. Till then i lazily spurred in my beer. That’s when i get a request up on my laptop. It was Sharon. For a video call. I switched on the web cam.
“Hey dumb head .”
“Hey beautiful.”
“How you doing?”
“Prefect. Though?”
“Nothing much.”
“You look good lost some weight?”
“You kind of you. BTW I’m visiting Chicago this weekend.”
“Wow that’s great.”
“I thought i as well meet you.”
“Yaa sure 72nd avenue.”
“Okay. I gotta go. Bbye.”

I was waiting fur Sharon at the airport when I saw her coming. She came with s huge hearty smile. She hugged me abd I hugged her back. I don’t know why but I felt really nice seeing her after so long. She insisted to stay on the hotel but I brought her home instead. I made her comfortable in the guest room abd went to do preparations for dinner. She came in the kitchen abd hugged me from back. I caught hold of her hand on my chest abd held it with care as if she was the must fragile thing of all. She then helped me cook food. We had our dinner abd sat on the backyard of the house. Knowingly unknowingly she placed her head on my shoulder abd held my arm. I too placed my head on her head abd closed my eyes to completely feel at peace . I didn’t remember when was the last time I felt so calm and composed. After moving to Chicago it’s been all day hectic. But know I finally regained my calm and composer. I wished the time to stop right abd there. That’s when my phone began ringing. Damn it ! I picked it up abd just shut it. I saw Sharon had fall asleep. I rather than disturbing her after the long flight picked her up in my arms abd laid on the bed. When I was about to leave I felt she held my hand. I withdrew my have abd just caressed her face. I went to the other room to sleep.


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