Spending time with Sharon was my favorite past time these days. After office I came back home abd we would go for a walk. It was Sunday and i had a day off and we were seeing some chick flick that didnt grab my attention from the start. Rather I went up abd started doing my work. After eternity Sharon came abd sat besides me. She just bugged her way in. She closed my laptop abd sat besides me. I kept my hands around her shoulder.
“Swayam, let’s go for a drive.”
“Where to?”
“I dunno.”
“Come on.”
“To Wilson’s hoods.”
“Okay. Let’s go but i need to change first.”
I scanned through my cupboards to get the right clothes.


“Wow someones looking smoking hot.”
“Really come now.”
We drove to the place which ma’am requested abd enjoyed little while sitting on the bonnet. We came back abd had our dinner. Ít was s long four hours ðrive back home. I had my dinner and went straight to sleep. I found Sharon coming and laying next to me.
“Sharon i m in no mood . I m really tired.”
“What did I say?”
“So what are you doing here?”
“Nothing. Came to sleep.”
“In my room.”
“And why so?”
“Come on swayam dont be such a spoiled sport. ”
She said and turned to the other side.
“Achha now come here.”
“Now whose being a spoiled sport?”
She came and rested her head on my chest. I held her close to me. She kept on running a hand on my stomach and I kept patting her. Soon she fell asleep. I too closed my eyes and slept peacefully. The morning rays illuminated the sleeping beauty in my arms with the wide open window. I was the first to wake up. I began to mive while sharon said.
“Come on Swayam . I was up way before you and did i try to disturb you?”
“Okay so what you wanna do haan? Its monday and i’ve got a case to solve.”
“Okay dumb head .”
And she woke up finally. I too got up freshened up and changed into my formals.


“Do you always need to look so handsome?”
“Yeah. It actually comes with the job.”
”Do you know Swayam you would make a smoking hot model.”
”If either of us had a fashion outlook i must have thought about it but as neither of us do so better i get going.”
“Okay . Bye.”
“Whats got your wand in a knot?”
“Nothing ”
“Come on.”
“Alone at home.”
“So what? Okay i get it. Come with me.”
“What really?”
“Yup come along.”
She went to change and get ready.


“Now whose looking smokinn hot..?”
“Come on Swayam.”
We drive to my work place. She began scanning the file I just gave her.
“Swayam there’s something wrong.”
“There is no forensics.”
“Oh heck yeah how could i miss it?”
“Let’s go.”
“Where to?”
“I know a place come on.”
She took me to the Chicago city hospital.
“What are we doing here?”
“Then keep the record of birth and death . They must have given a death certification and for that they needed the forensics report.”
“Hello, I am Rachel Solando. Can i know if you signed the death the dwath certificate of Roger Green?”
“Oh yes the famous party victim.”
“yeah that one.”
“We are from the Chicago PD . ”
“Okay ma’am a moment please.”
“Rachel solando? Like seriously Shutter Island? DiCaprio fan? ”
“Shut up Malfoy.”
“There you go ma’am abd theres the forensic report too. Incase you needed.”
“Thank you so much.”

They left from there and in the car sharon began reading the file.
“Roger Green. Thirty. Middle eastern. Lividity says he died at 3’4 am in the morning. Stabbed by a ice prick embarked by a hallmark of Greek gods
“Thats the foundation who threw the party.”
“I thought they were into steel wares.”
“They are its a Greek tradition . When you throw a party the things must be your own. Maybe they as being three of them decided to have it by the name of the foundation. ”
“But that does not make sense. Why would you need a ice prick.”
”Maybe the hallmark was taken from some other things abd pasted in it ti show that it belonged to the Greek God’s foundation .”
“Damn right you are.”
“Lets go to the hotel.”
I took the next uturn and went to the hotel again .
“Hey this is …”
“George Halton. I remember. How can i help you sir?”
“The greek God foundation did they serve anything that required an ice prick?”
“Yeah they did serve a frozen desert which the waiter hooked up with an ice prick.”
“Thank you so much.”

“I guess the ice prick was on the body?”
“Swayam does that man qualify for similar?”
He in the hooded jacket advanced towards us.he took out and ice prick. I pushed sharon behind me.
“Liking for the murder weapon are we?”
He said as he pushed the ice prick straight onto my stomach.
“It has address . To get an answer follow it.”
He left.
“Swayam are you okay?”
“Yeah just a sec” my grey suit turned darker i took the ice prick and took it out.
“Read the address.”
“1267 avenue, motel road, Chicago.”
“Ahh we need a doctor.”
I got the dressing done and we went home as i called it a night. We could pick it again from where we left.
“Are you okay swayam, do you need anything?”
“Mo thanks.”

I changed to my night dress. Sharon came and lay next to me. Kept her head on my chest and patted the wounded area. I too held he close and drifted away to sleep. We had a murder to solve the next day.


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