So picking up form where we left i drove to the avenue it was deserted but looked official as i saw cctv everywhere to miss an angle of events happening. It looked little awkward though. I saw the saw hooded person there. He came near and pressed the area exactly where he stabbed me the day before. I squirt in pain.


I look down as my coat abd shirt turn red again. I punched that asshole twice or thrice abd he falls on the ground smothering in pain. I then move forward only to be attacked by a mob of people. I beat them all black abd blue. We enter a room next to it.
“Swayam shekhawat nice to meet you. I am Roger Green.”
“But you are supposed to be dead.”
“I am as per as the official record. But i am an undercover FBI agent and that stays between us.” Eyeing sharon.
“Just one question, why?”
“Sorry bro then probably i owe you big time.”
We are back home and pretend that it never happened. I lay with sharon on my side. I hated it. Why cant she come close and sleep over me like everyday. I pull her close to me. And she lays her head warmly on my chest. Now i feel good. However i may deny it i’ve got used her. Theres never a moment when i dont miss her when she’s not with me. And then my heart skips a beat when i see her after work. I wonder whats happening. But some things are better left unanswered for the time being. For when the time comes you would get your answers . The next day was a hell if hectic. Our firm had become a huge success all thanks to Amish . But today everything was going to change. I was busy working on a case when a woman comes rushing into my cabin.
“Sir please save my daughter, please eur.”
“What happened ma’am?”
“She was … she was raped and they rapist tried to kill her.”
“Ma’an call down and please visit the next cabin. I am a financial and family lawyer. But my partner is a criminal lawyer.”
They don’t even bother to look at me again. I can sense the tension brewing up on my office. I rush to Amish’s office abd discuss the whole matter with him. He being a quick abd avid thinker suggests that we should meet with the boyfriend. He was in twelfth standard. O just can’t think how it would be their parents. We rush to the school abd as soon as we spot the guy he starts running. Amish ran but one of his friends caught hold of him. I ran as fast as I could to compete with the teenager. He ran down the stairs. I knew it would take me forever to reach him. So i jump abd catch him. For my bad I land straight on my shoulder. I am rushed to the hospital abd i dislocated my shoulder bone. Luckily it was just dislocated abd not fractured. I return back home as Amish files the case. Sharon gets too tensed to see me but after i narrate the whole incident she seems to be proud of me. She massages my shoulder abd it feels so nice now. She then rests her head on my good shoulder abd drifts to sleep. But I couldn’t get any sleep that night. All the time I was just thinking that scum would get away with it as he is a minor. Next day at court Amish narrates the incident abd without even listening to what the opposition had to say the judge declared him guilty but sent him to correction house. I went over to him abd Sharon was there with me too.
“You know i love three women the most in my life; my mom, my sis, and my girlfriend.”
Sharon’s heart skips a beat to listen to the word girlfriend.
“But by God’s grace I don’t have one. But i am sure that i am man enough to take care of her abd love her. The problem with your generation is that you think love is a license for having sex. But the truth is love is the license for living.”
That night someone went to the correction house where the rapist was put . He threw some bunch of money on the face of the inspector abd marched in. He pounded on him like a hungry bear. The boy tried to resist abd nabbed to hit him hard too but he was ferocious. Abd beat him till the last moment of death.

Swayam returned home. His shoulder was much better but his lips were bleeding. Also he had a few cuts here and there on his face from where some blood was oozing. Sharon caught hold of his hands abd asked moist eyed.
“What happened Swayam?”
“Nothing. I want to tell you something.”
“Sharon , since the time i met you i knew that there something more than friendship between us and i know its the same for you too. There’s no way a girl that too on her own accord will coen and sleep with a guy just like that. Sharon all i wanna tell you is that I love you and i can never ever lose you.”
“Oh Swayam! I too like you very very much. But for love i have to think a bit more.”
That was a white lie. She knew she loved him more than anything or anyone in this entire world but she wanted to see if Swayam truly loved her or the sudden track of emotions had led to this confession. But with the sincerity with which he looked at her, it made her heart go out for him.
“Thats okay Sharon . I don’t want to force you into a relationship abd then make you feel that you made a mistake.”
She just hugged him in response. That while night swayam kept looking at her intently as if waiting for the the moment when she will wake up and say i love you too.


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