… she nudged her nose against them. I played with her hairs and we continued to talk.

“BTW Swayam who is Tanya getting married to?”
“Oh, that’s raj he is a childhood friend of mine. We studied together but then I chose commerce abd he took science. He is a software engineer abd works in Amsterdam. ”
“Oh wow Amsterdam!”
“Yeah but it’s far from Chicago though.”
“Come on Swayam.”
“So what you think of this?”
This conversation had to come up sometime or the other do why not today?
“Swayam i already told you I cannot afford to lose you.”
“Sharon we both know that’s no way the answer to what i am talking.”
She came and laid flat on top of me and almost her lips touched mine.
“See Swayam i know you love me but i need a confirmation from my own self to realize it. So yeah you love me and I almost love you too.”
She said and kissed my forehead. I too kissed her on the forehead. She laid like that only. I managed to pull a comforter over us. It was the best thing that happened to me her. The next morning we both wake up like almost together.
But we laid like that for sometime. She hugged me.
“I am so lucky to have you Swayam. I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too.”
“Now come on. Let’s get ready for the haldi ceremony.”
She went to the shower first abd I followed suit. I came out abd she was no where I changed into my clothes.

“My God Swayam for the first time I see you in ethnic other that your formal three piece suits.”
I saw the most beautiful thing in front of me.

By chance we match each other. I know mom abd Tanya would tease me till he’ll but yet i knew it’s not her fault. Do I go near her abd hold her by the waist.
“Someone’s looking gorgeous.”
“Someone’s looking hot.”
She says as she entangled her hands behind my neck. She leans in and kissed me on my cheeks. I look down to her abd she blushes abd hid her face in my broad chest.
”Lets go.”
I said as I grabbed her hands abd we went out to the place where the ceremony had to carried out. Sharon too grabbed my hand abd went out. I saw that twinkle in her eyes when my mom introduced her as her to be daughter in law. She was happy that the family had accepted her. Then my mom started the haldi ritual and was followed by tons of relatives. She called me to do it too. I applied haldi on Tanya ‘s face abd she too hugged me and whispered in my ears.”Thank you, bhabhi.” I blushéd listening to the word bhabhi. Swayam came after me and too applied haldi to her abd kissed her on the forehead. Then Tanya applied haldi on Swayam’s face too. The ceremony was finished delightfully and walked into my room to change for the mehendi. Swayam grabbed me from my arm and bent down to my level. Swayam was 6’2″ tall where i was more or less 5’10 but we complimented each other. He slowly and seductively applied haldi to my face by brushing his cheeks against mine. I was too flattered to even look at him so i hide myself in his arms and he too hugged me back. Then he parted away and looked intently at me. I was taken aback but returned his gaze with the same intensity and closed my eyes in anticipation. But swayam being too generous kissed me on the forehead instead. He let his lips linger there for.more than a second. I am so much in love with this guy. then we changed for the next ceremony.
I changed into a plain saree and was busy doing my hairs when Swayam cane and hugged me from behind.
“Someone’s looking simply gorgeous!”
“You also think its too simple.”
“Come on sharon you aren’t the one getting married.”
“Please ask mom if you think so.”
I said and began doing my hairs again. He lazily began kissing my neck and I couldn’t help it but to fall more and more for this guy. Then i turned and entangled my hands behind his neck. I rose to my full height and said.
“It isn’t fair swayam that you kiss me everywhere except…”
I kissed his lips. It was cute and short peck.
“Now that you have done that remember to it tonight and tomorrow morning and everyday for the rest of my life.”
He said and hugged me endearingly. Them we went for the mehendi. His mom complimented me and i came to know that indeed Swayam was right. He was looking too handsome in that kurta of his. He had nothing to do in the mehendi so he checked for the arrangements for the DJ Night as sangeet is too mainstream.

Swayam’s mom instantaneously called us along with Tanya and Raj to talk about something important. She said.
“I know this may sound weird knowing that we are staunch Rajputs but swayam’s father and I believe in Ajmer Sheriff. I wish the couple to get blessings from there and also Swayam and Sharon as we all know that one day or another you both are going to get married. ”
mom didnt know that another day was so far.
We agreed and Swayam asked a practical doubt.
“When do we leave.”
“Morning right after sunrise.”
We all then left for the Night riders club. We again dressed same but this time willingly.

We went to the club and danced to the beat of songs. Then all of a sudden the track changed to Jab koi baat bihad jaaye. i was too delighted to hear it. I entangled my hands behind his neck and started to sway ti the music.
“If you… our family wasn’t here i would have kissed you.”
“You have no idea how am i controlling. But i can kiss you.”
As he bent down and kissed me on the forehead.
“That isn’t fair.”
“Love you.”
“Swayam, if i ask you something but its…”
“Even if you ask for my life i’d give it endearingly.”
“No even its wrong.”
“Try me.”
“Yes or no swayam.”
“Make love to me… tonight!”
“Sharon… but its not because of lust but cause of love , right?”
“If it were out of lust i would have told you have sex with me.”
And we reached my bedroom.
He said but i pulled him closer by holding his hand. I took of his jacket and began kissing him wildly. Passion took over us and we were making love . Madly and completely in love. About late in the night i lay close to him. So close that i wished for the time to stop there. I lay lazily on his shoulder. He was asleep but i kept looking at him. For the first time i really noticed how handsome he is. His jawline was broad and the face was always covered with a dust of beard that looked great on him. He had a well built physique and was way too handsome. Its then when i receive a call from the hospital that i went to for the routine checkup
They said it was urgent but i told them to send the reports in the morning. I went back to again sleep in the arms of my love. He insisted to get dressed again even if he wore only his shorts and t-back abd i did the same it made me love him even more.


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