Next morning… no 4 am I wake abd hear Swayam in the shower. I almost forgot that we had to leave for Ajmer. I quickly get up and go to the another shower to get ready. We both were ready abd add the sun rose we went for the trip. Raj insisted to drive and Swayam couldn’t argue with him before his dear sister. I and Swayam sat back abd i kept my head on Swayam ‘s broad chest. He too puts s hands around my shoulder and head on mine. We both drift to sleep almost instantly as we didn’t have any yesterday night. After almost three hours we wake up and stop to wash our faces. And in about another half an hour we reached Ajmer Sheriff. Swayam stopped by and washed his face and hands before entering and also entered with me. On the other hand raj had already entered leaving tanya behind. I held to Swayam’s arms and went in with him. We all prayed for a happy future together . thinking back now it seemed so ironical. We all then went back to the hotel we were staying. Raj and Tanya went to get ready for the marriage while i lay lazily on Swayam. I kissed him on his chest through his shirt while he gently stroked my hairs. When i think back to how we met this seems so impossible. But from that moment i knew that there was something electric between us. I looked up to him and smiled. He turned over and kissed me passionately. Swayam was 24 while i was 26. But it never mattered as he was really mature enough. I too kissed him back while my hands found their way to his silky smooth hairs. Soon we both drifted to sleep as swayam was really very tired. Later almost as six i woke him up as i needed him .
“Swayam would you please help me , baby?”
“What happened?”
“Come naa.”
He stood up and i literally saw his jaws dropping on the floor.

I stood there examining his adorable expression and he just came and tied my blouse. He then hugged me from behind when i leaned back at him.
“Go change.”
I said against my will as i wanted to just kiss him but time was running out.
“I’ll be back.”
He came back and i was astonished to look at him.

He hadn’t dressed heavy for that matter but was looking so handsome. He had clean shaved and also blow dried his hairs. He came close to me and i could smell his cologne. It smelled so woody and masculine. I quickly gave him a peck on his lips as i rushed downstairs. The marriage went well and Swayam didn’t forget to feed me lovingly. Then came the time of bidaai . Swayam wont even look at me but i could see his fallen face. As soon as Tanya reached him he hugged her with all his might and kissed her on the forehead. He had tears brimming from his eyes as she left. I went over to him and intertwined my fingers with him. He brought it up and kissed the back of my hand.
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
I couldn’t stop myself from telling him that. That night we made intoxicated and the most passionate love that had ever been experienced by any couple. I lay in his arms and i finally felt contended.


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