Next morning I again wake up to find Swayam in the washroom already. He was to leave for Chicago today and even after my constant denial he said that some work had popped up or else he would love to stay with me for more than a day or two.  But it was too hard for me to see him go like that. But anyways if its work and its Swayam they are inseparable. I get out of my bed and went to the other  shower to get ready.

My phone began to ring and I just came out of the shower. I walked to the side table on which it was placed and with water dripping all around me. I answered to it while he wanted some files I began searching when my eyes fell on a rather surprising thing. I took it up and it read “Fortis Hospital – Maternity Department” .

“I’ll call you back.”

I opened it and read it. I didn’t  know but I froze in my tacks. I had never expected this. I never knew that this could happen. Why on earth the Greek Gos , Apollo himself would want this to happen. I read the file and discovered that Sharon suffered from a chronic disease called coronary artery disorder. It is the most dangerous disease of all even more dangerous like blood cancer. I did not know what in the world to do. And she entered the room with her bath robe sticking to her body. I threw the parchment and hugged her like there was no tomorrow. My eyes began to brim with tears of agony n pain. She caressed my back and didn’t know why i was acting this way.
“Baby what happened? You okay?”
I parted from her and picked up the report i showed it to her and she was all calm and composed.
“I know baby.”
“But sharon.”
“Shh. Its okay. You are there with me right? Then nothing can happen to me.”
“But sharon …”
“No ifs and buts swayam. The date of operation is already decided. You can be back by that time.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes my love.”
“I love you Sharon.”
“I love you too baby.”
I said as i again took her into a bone crushing hug. Soon the time cane when i had to leave for Chicago. Sharon came to leave me at the airport. But within to days I was back again. It was the day when Sharon had to go through the surgery. I grew impatient until the surgery was done. After the surgery Sharon had yet not gained her conscious back. I went to her bed as she lay there lifeless. I sat besides her abd held her hand. I looked at her intently as she winced as she recognised my touch. She looked at me abd struggled to whisper.
She again closed her eyes but squeezed my hands again. Assuring me that she was alright. I kept sitting there abd slept looking at her. After few days Sharon was alright again abd then one day i asked her to marry me abd within a month she became my lawfully wedded wife. It was two weeks that we had been married. We both shifted to Chicago. Work had always been hectic. I was too engrossed to work. I had forgot to spend time with Sharon. One day I came very late at home. Sharon was too worried abd came crashing into my arms when o returned. I too hugged her lovingly. She then made me have food. Then we both came to lie together at our bed. Sharon kissed me passionately abd then we both drifted to sleep. Next day when we woke up we found a whole bouquet of carnations abd orchids with an envelope abd s card. On the card was written “happy anniversary.” From Amish. Abd the envelope contained two tickets to the city of love, Paris.




(The sequence of the story it’s upside down in the photos. )

… I found her peacefully laying her torso perfectly engulfed in mine. He head was on my chest and hands were clutching my tummy. I kissed her on her head and that woke her up. She yet nuzzled close to me and kissed me on my chest. I too held her close.
“Sharon, get up or else I’ll be late for work.”
“Swayam, don’t for work today na.”
“Huh, why but?”
“Spend time with me.”
“But why Sharon.”
“Just like that.”
I said as I slept again. As i woke up again I found Sharon working in the kitchen. I went over to her and hugged her from behind. Sharon placed a hand on my cheek but withdrew it almost instantly . After that we went for a walk. While waking Sharon was talking to me as a car rushed past her. I quickly pushed her to the side and the car hit me hard. That’s the last thing I remember.

Swayam was rushed to the hospital and I prayed to the ask almighty to save his life. Swayam lay there unconscious and I went and grabbed his hands. I looked at him tear eyed. It was the second time that swayam had saved my life. He almost winced in pain as he struggled to open his chocolate brown eyes. He looked at me and tried hard to speak.
“Sha… ron.’
“Swayam m here.”
“Shh baby. I love you.”
“I love you too…”

They both went back to India and continued their happy married life again. They soon had a son named aryan and the family lived happily together. They both were inevitably n irrevocably in love with each other and the cute little dude added to their love life. So following suit they lived happily ever after.

The end.


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