How about a love story? #2

The next day there was no sign of Ananya in the school or at the class. I began to worry unusually. I went to her house to check on her. Her mom opened the door and greeted me.
“Aunty where is Ananya?”
“Beta she is in her bedroom. You can go and meet her.”
“Thank you aunty.”
I entered her bedroom and she looked at me.
“Hey what are you doing here?”
“Checking on you. You weren’t there at school or the class and you rarely miss either so I came to check on you.”
“So how are you feeling now?”
I touched her forehead while she smiled.
“You don’t have fever.”
“So then you are coming tomorrow?”
“only if you leave today.”
I said and turned to leave when she caught me by the hand.
“Hey not now.”
“I thought you wanted me to leave.”
“Okay then I’ll stay.”
“So what happened at school?”
“Nothing much.”
“So I’ll leave then. Take care sweetheart.”
I said as i ruffled her soft hairs. I got up and left. I don’t know what got my wand in a knot if she missed her school or class.
The next day she followed suite and didn’t attend school or the class. I was tensed as yesterday she told me she’s going to come. I went to check on her again. I rang the bell thrice but there was no response. So I checked the door myself and it cracked open. I went in and found a next to lifeless pale and sort of shrunk Ananya lying on her bed. I went to her and she looked at me with her red weak eyes. I put my hand on her head and it was burning hot. I didn’t know what to do. But then I took the matter calmly. I picked her up in my arms as she encircled her arms around my neck. I took her to the nearest hospital and called her mother informing her about her daughter. She came to the hospital tear eyed and thanked me for being there. The doctor came and informed us that Ananya was just fine. Before leaving for home i went to check on her one last time. I saw her laying there looking much better. I went over to her and she began to get up.
“Hey… no formalities okay.”
“Aman if you weren’t there…”
“Ssh. Then somebody else would be. The point is I was at the right place at the right time. Now go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”
She said and I placed my hand over her cheek and she smiled. I left from there. I didn’t know why but my heart ached to see her like that.
She came the next day and we sat on the library ave complete the review. So our work was done3 days before submission.
“So that means we aren’t going to meet again.”
“Come on. You are always welcomed at my place. ”
“And yeah my mother wanted to meet you.”
“Yeah after class.”
I was for the first time worried about what to wear. I chose a white shirt with blue anchors all over it symmetrically. And I wore denims. I let my shirt loose. I combed my hairs and went for her house on my scooty . I greeted aunty and soon she left leaving Ananya and me alone. Ananya suggested to play tennis on her tv. After almost an hour we sat down. She placed her hand on mine. And I made no effort to move it. Then she intertwined her hands with my hand and said.
“Your hand fits fine so perfectly.”
“Hmm. It’s late i should leave.”
And i left and from that day I didn’t talk to her till we met again at the railway station. She came and sat next to me on train.
“Hey Aman.”
“Hey Ananya.”
“How are you?”
“Don’t ask as if you care.”
“What’s got your wand in a knot?”
“Come on Aman.”
“What you didn’t even met me after that day and now you ask how am i?”
“So, when did you talk to me?”
“You were always busy.”
“But now i am talking to you na.”
“Fine. I am fine.”
She said as she again took out her iPhone 6. She offered me one of the earplugs but I refused. She sat there listening to the songs. Soon the time came to sleep as it was a night train.
She said she didn’t get any sleep without pillow I said what can I do for that she has made to stretch my legs and then she placed her head comfortably on my laps the train soon came to an halt and we Departed at Ahmedabad station. We went to the hotel and aher room was adjacent to mine late night I went to Knock at the door and she opened it she was wearing sleeveless top and shorts. I offered my jacket to her as it was chilling outside and I had wore a full sleeved t shirt. We talked for a while and then walked in comfortable silence. She entangled her hand with mine. Just before leaving she held my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. She rose to her full height and kissed my cheeks. My happiness could not be contained. The next day it was their match. Shruti passed the ball to shanaya and she passed it to Ananya. Ananya did the perfect drill. First on the right leg then on the left and again on the right and whoa basket. It was half time and our team led by 23-21. I saw ananya having a banana and gulping in some Gatorade. It was last 30 seconds of the match. Ananya doubled up to to the basket while a a girl from the other team pushed her. Ananya landed straight on floor but straightened up quickly. She was given a free throw. Which would mean a win as the score was 45-44. If she puts the basket they wud get three points ave win by 47-45. Ananya went at the nine metre line and looked at the girl that pushed her. Looking her in the eyes Ananya tossed the ball in air and basket! They win. Ananya was too good. She took the championship cup and gave it to her teammates and cane to me. I immediately hugged her and she too hugged mg back.
“Thank you!”
And the next day it was our match. My team lost the match. We went back with a win and a loss and memories.


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