How about a love story? #1

Childhood romances are best of the romances. Between childishness and carelessness some of us find true love. I don’t say that it’s my story but directed from my love story.

Before beginning the story, I an Aman Kapoor , an average scoring child and the captain of my schools basketball team. But right now I don’t know what the hell I am doing in this English lecture. Mrs Sharma was sorting us into groups of two for the next assignment that was to write a book review any book of your choice. I was paired against Ananya thakur. The topper of our class and the captain of our basketball team. I greeted her .
“Hey, Aman.”
“So which book you want to review?”
“How about the fault in our stars?”
“Really? Love story?”
“Okay! If that’s what you like.”
“Good. So you go and issue two books for both of us from the library.”
“Why me?”
“Because I have my physics practical.”
“Fair enough.”
“Okay bye.”
I went to issue the book but there was only one available. I issued it and after the school when I entered the bus I saw her sitting all alone on the seat. I went and sat there. She looked at me and smiled.
“Did you get the books?”
“Oh yeah but i got only one.”
“Okay so we could do a thing. We have to submit it next week right? So you could read for the first three days and then I could read and on Sunday we could meet and write the review together. ”
“Or we could read it together.”
“Um you go to the universal tutorials and I too go there and after class we could go and read the book at either of our place.”
“Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Good, I am impressed.”
“So we meet today after class?”
She said as she took out her iPhone 5c from her bag with the earphones.
“Do you wanna listen?”
She passed me one of the chords and I plugged it in. Here i don’t even own a phone and she has iPhone. Great! Ananya was kind of girl difficult to unlike. Like she was good looking. She was nice n tall and had fair complexion. She had her straight hairs perfectly tied on one ponytail. She looked too good. And her choice in music was good too. The songs played tune jo naa kaha, hona tha pyaar, hosaana, tera hone laga hoon. she went down at her stop and waved her a goodbye. After 2 hours i met her again in class and she came and sat besides me. All the eyes in the class were fixed on us but she didn’t give a damn and nor did i. The class ended peacefully and we decided to go to her house and read the book. I sat peacefully over the bed and she came and sat next to me. She opened the book and began reading alone as the book didn’t grab least of my attention. I was too engrossed to stare at her. The way she was reading. The little twinkle in her eyes. The way her eyes twitched while reading and the smile stupidly playing at her lips. I smiled unknowingly . She looked at me and said.
“Aman are you even reading?”
“I was too busy to look at you.”
“What? Like what thou see?”
“Nothing but I must say that you are very beautiful.”
“Thank you. You don’t look bad”
“I’ll take it as a compliment.”
“Now will you please read.”
“Let’s not read let’s talk.”
“And what you want to talk about?”
“Like do you mind to go to club with me for this month’s party?”
“For sure.”
“Great then. It’s on 28 th.”
“Yeah i know. But wait it clashes with our tournament for which we both need to leave for Gujarat. ”
“Oh yeah I almost forgot about that.”
“It ‘ll be fun this year as we are all set to win.”
“Yeah your team looks good.”
“Yup. We leave at 25 th right?”
“Yes. It ‘ll be fun with you. ”
“Okay so do you want stay here all night?”
“If you insist.”
“Shut up Aman and leave before it’s too late.”
“Okay. Hey but I already like you.”
“Oh I love you too.”
She said mockingly. And i left. Entire night that day i could think about everything but her. I think I like her. God knows.


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