How about a love story? #6

Next day at school it was announced that we were going on a trip to Manali via Chandigarh and Delhi. I knew that i couldn’t afford it as i still didn’t any job. Ananya looked at me. I just shook my head. Although I wished to go as I wanted to travel the world but […]

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How about a love story? #3

The next day while coming back from class i got hit by a car ave was admitted at a hospital. I lost conscious fora while but was fine now. I had got three stiches on my head and fractured the bone of my right arm. It was Nye covered with a blue cape. Ananya came […]

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How about a love story? #5

In a fraction of second I lost my family. I had already lived without my mom for 12 years of my life and now i didn’t  have anyone to look after me. My life had taken an unexpected tremendous change. I felt my life crashing down. I stood up and reached for my keys. I […]

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How about a love story? #4

I woke up at the sound of my doorbell. It was the delivery guy. I paid him and took it inside. I had ordered kadhai paneer abd nan I didn’t know what Ananya liked. I thought paneer would be a good option. I woke her up and took her down. I buttered the nan and […]

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