How about a love story? #4





I woke up at the sound of my doorbell. It was the delivery guy. I paid him and took it inside. I had ordered kadhai paneer abd nan I didn’t know what Ananya liked. I thought paneer would be a good option. I woke her up and took her down. I buttered the nan and began feeding her as she won’t eat herself. I continued to feed her until she said she was full. I didn’t feel to have something. I again took her upstairs and tucked her in. She didn’t let go of my hand.
“You need something baccha?”
“Yes, you.”
I went near her and she placed her head over my chest and held onto my stomach. She then looked at me.
“Why didn’t you eat?”
“I didn’t felt like.”
I kept patting her head as she ran her hand across my tummy. I kissed her on her forehead. That was the first time I kissed her. She just nuzzled closer to me.
Next morning rays came in. Ananya woke up ave looked at him. He was still sleeping. She shifted up a bit ave kissed him at his forehead. She then nuzzled her self in the crook of his neck and slept. We didn’t go to school nor to class that day.



I reached home at eight and found Ananya still sleeping which meant that we were going to miss school again. I then ordered breakfast. I felt sleepy. I went to my room and slept besides Ananya. She immediately snuggled closer to me. I took her in my embrace as she laid her head in my chest. I dozed off almost immediately. The delivery boy must have came and went back disappointed. We woke ip at eleven. We dressed up amd decided to attend extra lecture at class as we missed the previous one. We were back at home by seven. We ordered food that was a half tandoori paneer and nan. We ate in silence. After that Ananya went to her room to complete the assignment we got from class and i went to talk to dad. He said he would be coming to delhi and picking up mom as they have to sort out a property issue. I was happy that they were going to at least spend sometime together. Thats when i felt a hand on my shoulder. Of course it was Ananya. Who else could it be? I just passed a smile .
“Where we you last night?”
“I am insomniac .”
“Okay. You could sleep with me then. You tend to sleep at least then.”
” I didn’t want you to think that i am taking undue advantage of you staying at my place.”
“Why would i? You are my friend. Best friend infact.”
“Lets sleep na Aman, i m really tired. ”
“Okay let’s go.”
I put my hand around here shoulder and she kept her hand on my waist. She went straight to bed. While i cleaned my side which lay littered with books. I lay next to her. She kept her hand on my forehead and caressed my hairs. I held her close by her waist. She kept her head on my chest and nuzzled closer. I too held her and caressed her hairs. Soon we both drifted to sleep but i kept on alarm so that we didn’t miss school again.


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