How about a love story? #3

The next day while coming back from class i got hit by a car ave was admitted at a hospital. I lost conscious fora while but was fine now. I had got three stiches on my head and fractured the bone of my right arm. It was Nye covered with a blue cape. Ananya came to visit me later that day.
“How are you Aman?”
“Take care baccha.”
“Yeah I would.”
Then she left but came back in an instant. She kissed me on my forehead and couldn’t help but blush. The next day was the party of our school’s foundation day. I had ananya if she would go with me and she happily agreed. I went to pick her up at nine. I wore a black t shirt and a white leather jacket.

She too wore a white dress.

She looked too good. She then sat behind me and kept her  hands lightly on my shoulders. We drove to the party and began dancing. She was a great dancer ave I won’t say I was bad either. Then i left her at her house and when i was just about to leave she stopped me and inched closer to me. She held my hand and kissed me on my cheeks. In the brief bond of friendship that we shared it had always been her who kissed me or held my hand. Then in almost a whisper she says.
“Thanks for a great evening. I loved it.”
“To you too.”
“Goodnight sweetheart.”
And I drove back to my place. I picked up my phone to check WhatsApp. I had several photos of the party. I checked Ananya”s account ave she had a photo of her and me as her dp. Her status was “time spent with a great person is time spent well.”
I messaged her.
I enjoyed a lot today.
Me too. 🙂
Goodnight baccha.
Goodnight dude.
:* n loads of hugs.



“How was the test?”
“Great. I might be able to attend the guest lecture.”
“Great. Me too.”
“You always do.”
“What are you doing tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow, nothing as such. Why?”
“I thought we could go out for a movie?”
“Movie? Which one?”
“Pyaar ka punchanama 2.”
“It must be out by now andi don’t think there’s a good movie up now. But we could go to see the 7d movie at r mall.”
“Okay. At what time?”
“Seven maybe.”
“Syu let’s go.”
“Yeah sure.”
I dropped her home and was disappointed as she didn’t kissed me today. She would always when i left her. But that’s okay . I too never kissed her. The next day I was more disappointed as she cancelled the plan on the pretext that she was going out with her family. After some days it was announced that we were going to Adlabs Imagica for the school picnic. I was excited to go there as I had heard a lot about that place. As we reached i could not find any trace of Ananya. And out of nowhere she came and put her hand around my shoulder.
“Hey I thought you didn’t come.”
“Oh do you want to spend time with your girlfriend?”
“With whom?”
“Eww Shi never!”
“Okay now where to go first?”
“I don’t know.”
“See there’s a lot of rush at nitro and at spinning wheel. Let’s try dare drop.”
“Fuck are you mad. No ways”
“Shea fattu.”
“Fine let’s go.”
We went there and sat. Ananya gripped my hand like hell. It was simple hydraulic structure. They rise you too full height and then kinda switch off the hydraulic. But that feeling it gave you was worth a shout ave scream. Wet went to nitro spinning wheel rajasaures God of wrath Mr India i for India and deep space. The amazing day came to an end. Wee headed back for home. She sat besides me she held my hand. She kept her head over my shoulder. I looked out of the window with the chilling wind playing with my hairs. I felt eternal.


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