How about a love story? #6

Next day at school it was announced that we were going on a trip to Manali via Chandigarh and Delhi. I knew that i couldn’t afford it as i still didn’t any job. Ananya looked at me. I just shook my head. Although I wished to go as I wanted to travel the world but I knew i couldn’t. In the break Ananya came to me and suggested that I could borrow and return it when possible. I said I couldn’t as going it wasn’t important. She left me with a sad face. When Rohan informed me that i got the job at imagica. As a assistant. Advisor kind of. Then I was called by vice principal and he asked me how was my wound. I said it was fine now. He asked me whether I wanted to go to Manali ?
I said I wanted to but i couldn’t afford it. He said that considering my situation he offered that he would send me free of cost. I couldn’t thank him more. I just wanted to share it with Ananya but she already left. Then after class we met and i told her and she hugged me. She was so happy.

We were to leave on 14th of November. I couldn’t wait for it. But i had to first work. I had been appointed as the assistant to the general manager. He said that a school was going to come to the amusement park and i had to show them around and also mange their lunch and hi tea. The school that came was Saint Carlsen Convent school.


Ananya blushed and soon our flight landed at Chandigarh. We went to rock garden which was built by Nek Chand in secrecy. It was a damn beautiful place. Things we throw away or don’t even bother to look at were made to look so mesmerising. From there we went to the city lake where we saw the sun set beautifully. Then we went to our hotel. We stayed as a three star hotel namely Shagun . It was beautiful and luxurious hotel. Then at night i sneaked to Ananya’s room. I went there and she pulled me to the the bed. We kissed. She opened the buttons of my shirt and kissed me hard on my neck. She was surprised to see that i had a well built torso. She hugged me and i laid down. She kept her head on my bare chest and i ruffled her hairs. We both drifted to sleep. The next day it was almost eight hours drive from Chandigarh to Manali. And once in bus we began playing antakshari.
म was on my team.
I sang mujhko hi aaj mukhjse milade
ह was on their team.
They sang Humko hami se chura lo.
त was on my team.
Rohan sang tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam.
म was in their team.
They sang matlabi hoja zara matlabi.
क was on my team.
I sang kuch toh hua hai kuch hoagaya hai.
ह was on their team.
They sang hasta hua noorani chehra.
And many more
Soon we all went to sleep. Ananya slept with head on my shoulder and i kept my head over hers. After a while we woke up and stopped to freshen up a bit. It was yet 5 hours to reach Manali. We sat listening to songs. And finally reached Manali. It was raining heavily. We shifted to jeeps and after more half an hour reached our hotel The glaciers resort. It was so soothing place covered with Apple trees at backyard. Heaters were placed in each room. I was surprised that two girls and two boys in each room. There was a large bed in which we all could fit cozy. We had our dinner but were dead tired of the travelling. Ananya had drifted to sleep. I laid besides her acc she snuggled closer to me . I pulled two comforters over her and me.

Next morning we began for Rohtang pass. Rohtang pass is the valley depicted in Jab we met. it was so beautifully covered with snow all over. We hired snow coats and boots. I chose a blue one and Ananya wore a neon green. We put on our aviators as the air now was dead cold. I wore a blue one and Ananya wore the one which reflects in multicolor. We reached a peak and had to do some trekking to reach the top. It was covered exquisitely with snow. We played snow fight. After getting tired we sat at a rock. Rohan wanted to click a photo of me and Ananya. It was the most perfect click I had ever seen in our life. Our smiles the pink shade on our faces the sunlight ave of course the heavenly snow. Out of nowhere Harshit came and put snow on my head. He literally shaved on my head. And we again began snow fight again.

We reached back to our rooms after having food. I knew that in this way I would have nothing memorable in this trip. So I took Ananya out for a walk late t mid night. It was chilling in manali. I put my hand around her shoulder and she on my waist. We walked until we knew the way back. It was really mesmerizingly beautiful in Manali even at this our. This was probably the best day of my life. The full moon shone beautifully in the dark blue horizon. I pulled ananya closer and hugged her endearingly. And it began to snow. It was the first snowfall of my life. And damn it was gorgeous . With the love of my life in my arms it couldn’t get any better. We went back fully covered with snow.

The next was power packed with adventure.  We went for river crossing and rappelling. Later at evening we went shopping. I ensured to but some delicious apple barfi . And against our wish we came back to Mumbai.


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