Mom said they were here. I have never been so nervous before in my life. What if they reject me? What if they like me but I don’t? What if I like them but they don’t? These all questions ran in my mind as I went out to meet them. The meeting finally ended and […]

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Sweet Nothings #4

“Arjun.. come I want you to meet someone.” “Okay. Coming..” “Arjun this is Sameer. Sameer – Arjun. Arjun , Sameer and I are getting married this weekend.” “Wow. I mean congratulations to you both.” “Thanks. You have to come to the wedding though.” “Of course.” And then arrived the wedding. It was the wedding night […]

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Sweet Nothings #3

Arjun was drinking beer with his friends when he saw Alisha. It had been almost an year since he last saw her. He read about her though. She had become very successful in life and that showed on her glowing face. She was in a formal suit. She looked so beautiful in even that. He […]

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Sweet Nothings #2

Arjun and Alisha were inseparable after that. They were always seen together. They spent all their free time together. And went out on every Saturday and Sunday. One day they were seated at Marine Drive when Arjun said. “Hey, Sanjay is getting married this week, It’s on Wednesday I think so.” “So?” “So Do you […]

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Sweet Nothings #1

Arjun was busy working on his computer when he saw Alisha walking towards him. He knew this wasn’t going to end well. “I wanna talk to you.” “Yes. I am all ears.” “Why haven’t you asked me out yet?” “What? Were you expecting me to ask you out?” “Yeah. Isn’t it obvious?” “Okay. Would you […]

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