Sweet Nothings #1

Arjun was busy working on his computer when he saw Alisha walking towards him. He knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“I wanna talk to you.”

“Yes. I am all ears.”

“Why haven’t you asked me out yet?”

“What? Were you expecting me to ask you out?”

“Yeah. Isn’t it obvious?”

“Okay. Would you like to go on lunch with me?”

“Fine. Where?”

“Wherever you want.”


Arjun was waiting on his R15 when he saw Alisha coming towards him. She didn’t say a word and sat behind him.

“So, where do you wanna go?”

They worked at CBD Belapur. Arjun was a HR employee whereas Alisha was in marketing.

“I wanna go to the Marine Drive.”

“Are you an idiot? Its like an hour drive. We have only half an hour break.”

“Okay. I am going. Bye.”

“Wait wait wait. Stop. Do you want us to get fired?”

“I already filled in applications for both of us .”

“Oh then why so much drama.”

“I love drama.”

She got back on his bike again and they drove all the way from CBD Belapur to Marines. It took them one and a half hour to reach there. They walked across the Marines for sometime. It was a break for Arjun. Ever since he finished his MBA he had been working like a jerk to meet his goals. He hardly gets any sleep. But for Alisha, Arjun was just another guy she could talk to, go places with and maybe sleep with. Alisha’s life was simple. She treated guys like one treats clothes. When you are bored with one just throw it away. But little did she know Arjun was different. He took life very seriously and he had never fallen in love. The only people he loved were his parents who were in Los Angeles. They wanted him to be there too but Arjun wanted to create his own destiny. Unlike Alisha who worked in his dad’s office. Alisha’s dad was Arjun’s boss so he really couldn’t say no to Alisha even if he wanted to.

“I am starting to feel hungry. Can’t be eat something? We agreed for lunch didn’t we? ”

” yeah okay. Where you wanna go? ”

“I don’t know. You say?”

“How about that street there? ”

” okay. ”

” No you know what I wanna go to Juhu beach. ”

“really I am hungry.”

“please. ”

” Okay. ”

They sat on the bike and it took them fifteen minutes to reach the beach. They went to the beach. Arjun rolled his sleeves up and also his pant. He was wearing a light blue shirt and black pant with a dark blue waist coat. He had his hair cut short and wore a silver watch. Alisha on the other hand wore a white salwaar. Arjun was still starving but he didn’t want to tell Alisha that.

“Let’s go back.”

“But what about lunch?”

“I don’t feel like eating.”

“Okay let’s go.”

She sat on the bike and they were off to CBD Belapur again. Arjun dropped Alisha at her home and left for his. Alisha stopped him and said.

“Do you wanna catch some movie sometime?”

“Sure. Whenever you say.”

“How about this Saturday?”

“Saturday’s good.”

He went back to his house. He had plenty of time in his hands and so he thought to make the most out of it. He took his laptop and began working on a new project. He had completely forgotten that he had to go to a college for recruitment this Saturday. He had already agreed to go out with Alisha but he couldn’t cancel his meeting. He had to tell Alisha that. And so he called her.


She picked up.

“Hey Alisha listen I wanted to tell you that I won’t be able to make it this Saturday. I have this thing a work. So I am sorry I wont be able to go.”


“You aren’t mad at me, are you?”

“Well I thought it would be fun. But never mind.”

“We can go on Sunday?”

“Sure. Sunday would be cool.”


And in no time Sunday arrived. They went to see the new terminator movie. It was a full on action packed movie. Arjun was having a great time but Alisha was hell bored. But the movie ended soon. They went their way back home. On the way back Alisha was hell tired and kept her head on Arjun’s back. Her house arrived. He didn’t want to wake her up but had to.

“Hey, I’ll see you around then.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Then for two weeks they saw less of each other. They’d never meet or talk. Then one day Alisha showed up on his desk again.

“Hey, where have you been?”

“Right here where have you been?”

“Okay forget that. What are you doing this Saturday.”

“I guess I am free. Why?”

“I am having some friends over. So I thought I’d invite you too.”

“Okay. Thanks. I’ll be there.”

So arrived Saturday. I was a little late as I was deciding what to wear. I chose a white tee and denim to go and took a dark blue hoodie with it. I reached her place in no time. The party had already begun.

“Hey, you’re late.”

“I now I was caught up at work. I am sorry.”

“Chill. Come meet my friends. Hey everybody meet Arjun, Arjun everybody.”

I comfortably sat in a corner and drank some beer. I usually don’t drink but I don’t know what got into me that day. I was getting late but Alisha asked me to dance with her. I couldn’t say no to her. I kept one hand on her waist and held her hand with the other and we gently swayed to the tunes of the song. Alisha got close to me and kept her head on my shoulder. I didn’t know why but it felt good. I too wanted to hug her but I resisted. I decided to go. Alisha came to drop me at the door. I was about to go when she came close to me and gently kissed me on my cheek. I went home after that. I put on my earphones and drifted to sleep. I kept thinking about the kiss. I didn’t know when I slept. After a long time I had a good night sleep.


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