Sweet Nothings #2

Arjun and Alisha were inseparable after that. They were always seen together. They spent all their free time together. And went out on every Saturday and Sunday. One day they were seated at Marine Drive when Arjun said.

“Hey, Sanjay is getting married this week, It’s on Wednesday I think so.”


“So Do you wanna go?”

“I don’t know I have to ask dad first. Where is he getting married anyways?”


“Oh.. that would be a fun ride. ”

“Sure as hell.”

“But we can’t go on your bike.”

“Don’t worry I’ll borrow Shashank’s car for the day.”

“Would we be back in a day?”

“We could stay if you want.”

“It would be nice if we stay.”

“Okay I’d ask Sanjay to book us rooms.”

“Yeah. By the time I’ll ask Dad too.”

They both finalized their plans and left for Pune.  It was a beautiful drive till Pune. Crossing the greens of Lonavala. In no time they reached Pune. The marriage ended well and soon they were back to CBD Belapur. But one day they had a huge argument.

“What is your problem Arjun?”


“I said I don’t wanna talk you, can’t you understand at once?”

“But why don’t you wanna talk to me?”

“I don’t know neither I care. Just go to hell.”

“Okay fine but then don’t come to me to apologize and shit.”



Alisha soon realized that she shouldn’t have talked to Arjun like that. But she was too arrogant to apologize.

But while Alisha kept giving him a cold shoulder Arjun got comfortable with someone else. She was one of his co worker. They even were neighbors. People even said that they were in a relationship but rumors are something you should never believe. After all they are rumors.

One fine day Alisha decided to put the ego aside and apologize to  Arjun. She went to his cubicle where she saw him sitting with holding some girl’s hand. Arjun turned to look at her.

“Hey Alisha come I wanna introduce you to someone.”


“Alisha meet Anjali and Anjali meet Alisha. Anjali she’s a very good friend of mine and Alisha Anjali’s my fiance. ”

“What? I mean nice to meet you.”

“We are getting engaged in a couple of weeks.”



“I’ll meet you at the engagement then.”

“You sure will.”

Alisha took the rest of the day off. She didn’t know why but she felt angry seeing some other girl with Arjun. She smashed everything that she could see. And in no time the engagement arrived. Alisha wore a strapping black knee length dress. She looked out of the world in it. God boys had some hard time controlling themselves. But Alisha was broken. The reason was unknown to her too. It was time for Arjun and Anjali to dance. Alisha went to the bar and gulped 8 shots of tequila. She was definitely drunk and wasted by now. Arjun came to her.

“Alisha, are you drunk?”

“Why do you care? Anyways I have to leave.”

“Let me drop you home.”

“No no Mr. You go enjoy with your… what was her name?”


“Yeah Anjali. Go enjoy!”

“Come with me.”


“I said come with me Now!”

And with that he pulled Alisha with him. They drove to her house where Arjun dropped her.

For the next days they saw less of each other.  And one day Arjun heard that Alisha was quitting the job.

“You are quitting?”

“Yeah. Why is that a problem?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why do I have to tell you that?”

“Okay fine go.”

“I will I can’t remember when I asked your permission for it.”

And then she did quit. Arjun was lost these days after she quit. He didn’t know why but he felt that some part of him was missing.

Alisha cried herself to sleep almost everyday. She had joined work at some place else but still missed Arjun a lot. For the first time in her life she felt she was in love and she felt like a fool. She couldn’t do anything about it as Arjun was already engaged.





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