Sweet Nothings #3

Arjun was drinking beer with his friends when he saw Alisha. It had been almost an year since he last saw her. He read about her though. She had become very successful in life and that showed on her glowing face. She was in a formal suit. She looked so beautiful in even that. He thought to himself. He went to talk to her,


“Hey, excuse me but do I know you?”

“Arjun don’t you remember me?”

“Oh my God Arjun I am sorry. How have you been ?”

“Good! How’s yaa?”

“Pretty good.”

“And how’s your wife… I forgot her name..?”

“Anjali.. I don’t know. We kinda broke up. It didn’t work well for us.”

“Oh I am so sorry to listen that.”

“its okay. ”

” hey I’m going to Corbett with some people of work. Why don’t you come along it would be fun.”

“You sure ?”

“yes definitely! ”

“Okay. So when do you leave?”

“This Saturday.”

“Okay I’d be ready. It was great meeting you BTW.”

“The feeling’s mutual.”

And in no time arrived Saturday. They were to board a train from Mumbai Central and they got comfortably seated at their seats. Arjun and Alisha began talking.

“So tell me met any guys?! ”

” Many but none of them were you.”


“I mean none of them were good enough. You say met any girl?!”

“No after the whole break up I kept to myself. This trip is infact a stress buster.”

“Yeah I know. You looked kinda stressed that day so I thought why not invite you too.”

“Thank you so much for inviting me.”

“Oh pleasures all mine.”

“So its getting late now. I think we should go to sleep. ”

” Yeah.”

But he didn’t feel sleepy at all. He went to stand on the gate. Cool breeze touched his face making him feel fresh as ever. He took out a  cigarette and a lighter and blew out a smoke.

“When did you start smoking? ”

“Its been a long time.”

“I don’t think you should do it though.”

“See its not like I always smoke. Its just a way to break free.”

“You could dance to break free.”

“Really? Like I could dance?”

“Shut up. You’re a great dancer.”

“Oh yeah. You have seen me dance.”

“Yeah. Remember that party at my place. We danced.”

“I like swaying to the  music.”

“Well I lov…liked it.”

“Ohkay. Whats going on here?”

“Nothing . what do yaa mean?”


“Okay. So do you wanna sleep or not.”

“No I’d spend some time here.”

“Your wish Mr.”

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

The next day they arrived at Jim Corbett National Park. Alisha and Arjun were in the same jeep that was supposed to take them to a tour at the park.

“Alisha you know the movie Kaal was shot here.”

“Oh my God.”

She said and held his hand.

“What.. what happened?”

“Nothing I am so afraid of that movie.”

“Come on its a stupid movie. Come here.”

He said and side hugged her.  She too side hugged. For a moment there she was lost in his eyes that looked so intently at her. She even thought that they might kiss but she soon regained her composure. She decided of getting close to him anymore.




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