Sweet Nothings #4

“Arjun.. come I want you to meet someone.”

“Okay. Coming..”

“Arjun this is Sameer. Sameer – Arjun. Arjun , Sameer and I are getting married this weekend.”

“Wow. I mean congratulations to you both.”

“Thanks. You have to come to the wedding though.”

“Of course.”

And then arrived the wedding. It was the wedding night when Arjun made his way to Alisha’s room.

“Looking happy, aren’t you?”

“Why are you saying all this?”

“Tell me. Are you happy?”

“Now there’s no use of such talks. So just leave.”

“Just look into my eyes and say you don’t love me anymore.”

“You knew it?”

“Do you think I am full of shit? That I won’t notice the way you look at me.”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was engaged at that time. I didn’t know what to do. Then we didn’t see each other for an year. And when I saw you and thought I would confess my feelings for you, you announced that you were getting married.”

“Oh Arjun.”

“Come here. You.”

They both hugged each other. And before they knew it they were making love to each other. Alisha again got ready and Arjun left her room.

He was wearing a strapping black coat with white shirt and a silver tie. He looked out of the world with his hair standing a bit. Alisha came down and sat next to Sameer. Her eyes were swollen red of all the crying. She missed Arjun a lot. She didn’t know why was she doing this. But then before she knew it they were married. She didn’t want anything ti happen on their first night together so she chose to sleep on the couch. Next morning she was all dressed up in a saree and when she was putting on the sindoor all she could think about was Arjun and how they made love to each other the other day. She just couldn’t stop thinking about Arjun when Sameer entered the room.

“Ar.. Sameer.”

“Were you expecting someone else?”

“No. I wasn’t.”

“Okay. Get ready we ought to go to the temple.”


She just wished she was married to Arjun instead of Sameer. Anyway she got ready to go to the temple.

Somewhere far away Arjun was punching the punching bag hard in the gym. He was sweating viciously. His hands were all swollen when he received a call from an unknown number.

“Hey who’s it?”

“It’s me. Alisha.”

“Yeah. Sup?”

“Can you come home? Like now?”


“Yeah. Sameer’s out for the day.”

“Okay I will be there.”

And they made love. Alisha didn’t realize she was in a extra marital affair. And that too with the love of her life.



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