Mom said they were here. I have never been so nervous before in my life. What if they reject me? What if they like me but I don’t? What if I like them but they don’t? These all questions ran in my mind as I went out to meet them.

The meeting finally ended and I had some new investors for my new project. Now it was time to get back home and relax. Mom and Dad won’t be home as they had gone to meet the girl I will marry in the near future. And so I did leave for my home. My parents had sometime to come so I decided to take a nap.

“So what does your son do, anyway?”

“Oh he has an investment firm. Sidwell Investments.”

“Why Sidwell?”

“He likes that name. He had done it all from scratch. And beta what do you do?”

“Aunty I teach in a dance academy.”

“Oh good for you.”

And so did the conversation went on for a while before they left. But the man wasn’t there. But fortunately I liked the family. They were easy going and didn’t ask any questions about my cooking skills. I’d like to meet the guy but I presume he is going to call me as they took my number.

Mom and Dad were back and they apparently loved the girl. I had no problem with it. If they love the girl then that’s the one I am marrying. But Mom forced me to talk to this girl. And I had to oblige.

“Hello. Hi Tanya? It’s Mikesh.”

“Mikesh who?”

“Mikesh Chowdhari.”

“Oh Mikesh I am so sorry.”

“No it’s okay.  So what’s up?”

“What’s up? An investment banker uses all this terms?”

“Why, aren’t investment bankers human?”

“No no they are. So how are you?”

“I am good. How are you?”

Here I was talking to the person I was going to marry, during a class, and blushing only because he asked me how was I.

“I am good too. Hey do you mind if I call you later. I am in the middle of a class.”

“Okay. No problem.”

“Okay. Bye.”


That was my first conversation with my to-be-husband. Apparently he was this hotshot. But down to earth. But was I going to call him again? I finished late that night and reached home even more late. Had dinner. When I was going to sleep it was almost 12.30 and I thought that the hotshot must be a workaholic. So I dialed him.

“Tanya I know you were going to call but this late?”

“Were you sleeping?”


“I am so sorry.”

“Tum kitna sorry bolti ho.”


“Wese tum itni raat ko kya kar rahi thi?”

“Main class se late wapas aayi so dinner late kiya and thus now here I am.”

“Apna dhyaan rakha karo Tanya. Itna late karna acchi baat nahi hai.”

“Accha baba ab aage se late nahi houngi.”

“Arre waah abhi se apne husband ki saari baatein maanane lagi ho.”

My heart skipped a beat when he said husband. He actually was going to be. Nothing was finalized  yet but yet I think I already like him. He is sweet.

“Arre Tanya kahan khogayi?”

“Kuch nahin. Aaj bohot kaam tha kya office main?”

“Abb kaam toh roz hi hota hai. Tum kyun puch rahi ho?”

“Nahi jaldi sogaye na.”

“Tum mujhe tum bol sakti ho.”

“Tumhe kaise pata?”

“Ab itna toh pata rakhna padhega na apni wife ke baare main.”

So easily he used the word husband-wife like he had done it before. But I seriously thought it was getting late and he has the right to get some sleep.

“Accha chalo ab baad main baat karenge.”

“Nahi. I mean ki kal tum free ho kya?”

“Kal. Haan kyun?”

“Nahi main soch raha tha ki mil lete hain. Kahin bahar.”

“Okay. Kahan par?”

“Kahin bhi. Tum batao.”

“Acche pehle tumhare ghar aati hoon phir decide karenge ki kahan jaana hai.”

“Okay. Perfect. Kal 4 baje aajaana.”

“Okay. Bye.”

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

I slept thinking what he may look like.

I went to his home next day but he wasn’t there. His mother told me he is in office. I couldn’t miss our first date. So I went to his office.  There at the reception the lady called him.

“Sir, there is a Tanya Nagpal waiting for you. Should I send her up?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Back in his cabin.

“Now who is this Tanya Nag… oh Tanya. Main toh bhool hi gaya tha.”

In the mean time I reached his cabin. I would have knocked but I entered anyway.

“Hey Mikesh.”

“Hi Tanya. Come sit. I am sorry tumhe aise aana padha.”

“No its okay.”

“Tumhe kaise pata main yahan hoon?”

“Tumhari mom ne bataya.”


“Tum udhar kyun baithe ho?”

“Toh aur kahan baithoon?”

“Come here.”

I stood up and went to her. She grabbed me by my arm and made me sit down with her on the floor. This was the first time I noticed the color of the floor of my cabin. She didn’t leave my hand. We talked for some more while.

“Can you cook?”

“Kyun ladkiyon se hi kyun pucha jaata hai?”

“I am just asking.”

“Why? Can you cook?”


“Really? Wow.”

“Hmm. You know I used to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S on my laptop during college days.”

“Do you mind?”


I wasn’t sure what was she asking. Then she kept her head on my shoulder and tightened her grip around my hand. I didn’t feel like talking anymore. I kept my head on hers. Then only the sound of our heartbeats echoed in the cabin. For some time. I was the first one to break the silence.

“Tanya humari shaadi hone wali hai.”

I intertwined my fingers with her.


“Do you wanna eat something?”


She lay there comfortably on my arm unaware of the surroundings. For her the only thing that mattered was the sound of my heartbeats.

“We can go to a restaurant. Have dinner.”

“Now? It’d take forever to reach out of the traffic.”

“We’ll get more time to spend with each other.”

“Tum aise chaloge?”

“Haan. Kyun?”

“Kaafi formal nahi hai?”

“It’s okay. Come.”

I stood up and so did she. We went to the parking lot and clicked my car open. I saw her being impressed with Audi A8. If the traffic in Mumbai is worst Delhi is no less a competitor. But I wanted the traffic to never end. I just wanted to spend as much as time possible with Tanya. But nothing lasts forever. We had dinner and I dropped her at her house when she took me out of the car. I stood at some distance. She came close to me and kissed me on one of my cheeks. She was going away when I held her hand and pulled her closer. I placed both my hands on her cheeks and kissed her on her forehead. We both slept thinking when we will get to meet again.













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