Mikesh has been a complete workaholic and ignored me all the week. We were getting engaged next week and this is how he behaved. He called to meet up in front of his office.

“Hey Tanya.”

“Come here.”

I said as I pulled him for a hug. It felt good after so long. But he pulled apart soon.

“Tanya, I want to tell you something. Actually ask you something.”

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Is there any chance we could postpone our engagement?”


“Actually I gotta go to New York for a project. There are investors willing to invest in my firm and I gotta go there and attend a meeting with them. So if it is at all possible to postpone our engagement it would really mean a lot to me.”

“Of course. Yeah. Work is important. You should go.”

“Thank you so much.”

And with that he pulled me for a hug. I didn’t know why but I didn’t feel good about him leaving me. I know it had only been some weeks that I have known him but in that little span of time I had really got attached to him like I have never felt before. Its like there is some kind of connection between us. And  that connection said to never let him go. I have never been in a relationship before in my entire life. But this time I feel that there is this surety that this is going to last. I wanted time to stop right and there. But that’s now how it is.

“When do you leave?”

“In two days.”

“Well you gotta pack.”

“Later. I have something for you. But for that we need to be some place.”


“Just come with me.”

“No, Mikesh, where are we going?”

“Do you trust me Tanya?”

“More than I trust myself.”

“Then come with me.”

We drove to a place outside the town. Far outside the town. It was near Kharghar. It was a hill. Kinda. We stopped next to a tree. Mikesh helped me out of the car. We sat on the hood of the car. I held his hand and kept my head on his shoulder. Just like that day in his office. I never want to let him go. I didn’t have a good feeling about him leaving. But I had to. It was work.

“Tanya, I want to tell you something.”

“Go on.”

“If two people believe in something, really believe, anything, even the impossible is possible.”

“And by that you mean..?”

“I mean I want you to believe in us. That we could last. That this is going to happen. We are going to get married.”

“I believe in us Mikesh. I just.. I just don’t want you to leave.”

“What? You said it was okay that I go.”

“Yeah but I will miss you.”

“Are you crying?”

“No. I am .. I am not crying.”

“Awe.. come here.”

And he pulled me for a hug.

“Don’t cry. I would be back before you know it.”

“Yeah but its just that I don’t want you to leave.”

“I’d rather stay but its important.”

“You should go. But I’d miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

We went back. He dropped me off at my place and then drove back to his. He was this person I always imagined to be with. This perfect man with this perfect job. He was just simply awesome and so ruggedly handsome. I mean any girl would die to have him. And then there’s me. I had him but I wont confess that I really liked him. I know its crazy but in this short span of time I began falling for him like I have never before. I felt like talking to him. I know it was late but when its right its worth it.



“Don’t tell me you were asleep even this time.”

“No no I wasn’t. I was just working.”

“Last time you said..”

“I know what I said but I gotta leave and if I don’t finish this in time they wont take this deal.”

“So you busy, should I call you later?”

“No. I can talk to you anytime. Go on.”

“I wanted to tell you something.”


“I have never been in a relationship before and this is the first time ever I have met someone you have driven me crazy about him. I can’t live without you. I can’t imagine my life without you. I.. I really really like you Mikesh.”


“Did you even hear what was I saying?”

“Oh I am so sorry Tanya I was just busy working. You were saying something?”

“I asked you if you were busy. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Bye.”

“Arre Tanya.”

But she had cut the call by then. Awesome! Not even engaged yet and we had started fighting. But I had a lot of work to finish so I decided to call her later. I tried calling her the next day but she won’t pick up my call. I was calling her to let her know that my flight had been rescheduled and that I left in an hour. But she wont pick up.

I however left for New York. I landed there and checked in my hotel room. I was about to sleep when I heard my phone ring.

“You couldn’t tell me you were leaving early.”

“I tried calling you. You wont pick up.”

“Now you are blaming it on me. How pathetic of you. You know what I don’t want to talk to you. Bye.”


And yet again she cut the call. I don’t wanna keep fighting wit her. I decided to take walk. Late night walks are the best remedy for a broken heart. I went out.

I was walking and I had to cross the road and the next thing I remember is getting hit by a car and crashing down on the road. I couldn’t feel my heartbeat anymore.








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