After I called 911 I saw a van leaving from there.I bet they had Mikesh with them. It was so dark there wasn’t any street light so I couldn’t make out the number plate but I was sure that it was a LEXUS 950 van. Its mostly used as an ambulance but this one was painted black to look like a perfect kidnapping van. The NYPD reached as soon as possible. They asked me a few questions.

“So how exactly you got here?”

“I don’t remember. I was made to inhaled something and I fell unconscious.”

“This inhalation do you recognize what type of thing they used?”

“I think it was chloroform.”

“And how do you know that?”

“I used to study Chemistry in high school. I knew it could be used to unconscious somebody.”

“Yeah but how can you be so sure?”

“Because once during a practical I by mistake inhaled it and it has a particularly bad odor.”


Another police officer.

“I guess she is right. I just confirmed her story with the chemistry teachers in her school she said she attended and he confirmed that in fact during a practical she inhaled chloroform and feel unconscious for hours. And that it has a very distinct smell.”

“Yeah but it does not leads us anywhere I mean it is easily accessible.”

“Yeah and I checked on the Lexus van Tanya told us about I guess she was mistaken as to throw us off our tracks they replaced the Mercedes logo with a Lexus one.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because apparently it rained tonight and the van had to cross a muddy pitch before hitting it off a concrete road. So CSU pulled out the photographs and there are a match to a Mercedes 2510 model no. 987 year of manufacture 2009.”

“Good. But scrub the security footage from around the area where Tanya and Mikesh were kept. There are security cams everywhere in this city they can’t be invisible.”

“I already did and look what I found. The security camera near the building where Mikesh was shot puts them on the time stamp at 10.05 as told to us by Tanya. And check this out at 10.10 they are at Madison Avenue at the 12th street.”


“So its practically impossible to reach Madison Avenue in 5 minutes. It is 25km from the place where Mikesh was shot. Not even a chopper could reach there.”


“So I checked look at these photos.”

“They seem exactly the same to me.”

“They do. But when you zoom in..”

“There is an “E” written on one of the cars.”

“No just any “E” it stands for evidence. So  I checked with other precincts and one of them near to the place where Mikesh was shot there is this precinct warehouse where all the evidence cars are kept. They reported a Mercedes stolen 3 days ago.”

“Let me guess its a 2510 Model no. 987 Manufacturing year 2009.”

“Bingo. But its about to get interesting. The police head said that all the four tires were punctured as they were shot by the police themselves.”

“So they needed to be replaced.”

“Exactly. And there is a shop near Madison Avenue 5th street where the repair works is going on.”

“So lets go there and have the unis canvas the area where Mikesh was shot. Maybe they’ll have a lead.”

“On it.”

“So CSU scrubbed the area where Mikesh was shot. They found absolutely nothing but a splash of Mikesh’s blood. Its a match. We took a sample from the hospital. Now its about to get interesting. According to Tanya they were running towards the exit so they had their backs against the shooter and Tanya told us that she thought Mikesh was hit in the back but according to our doctors the blood is from the areas of the rib.”

“That is not possible as their backs were faced to the shooter.”

“Apparently. The only logical explanation is he was shoot again. An I am afraid that he was shot to death.”

“Okay we still don’t know that so don’t tell than that her husband-to-be is already dead before they could even be engaged.”

“Okay. Sure thing.”

“Now lets get to this repair shop.”

At the repair shop.

“Yes officer a Mercedes did came in few days ago and repaired all the three tires.”

“So do you have any security cam in your shop.”

“There is one at the entrance.”

“And how did he pay you?”


“So we can’t trace him them. Anyway I’ll need a copy of the original camera footage from a few days.”

“Sure sir.”

Back at the precinct.

“So I had the technicians scrub the security cam footage and look what they find. According to the owner this guy was the one with the Mercedes. And he does not look that unfamiliar.”

“Oh, my God. That’s Mikesh. But here is what I don’t get. How was he abducted in his own car. And as matter of act what was he doing with the car in the first place.”

“That may have an explanation. The police head lied that the care was stolen. In fact there was a auction for the car and Mikesh was there.”

“Then why’d he lie.”

“Its about to get interesting again. It seems he isn’t the police head at all. He is an extra.”

“Like an actor.”

“Yup he was paid to do it. Maybe by the people who abducted Mikesh.”

“Most apparently. What was his name?”

“The name on his tag said Justin Theorux but I guess its bogus.”

“Get to the sketch artist and get a sketch on this guy. We find him we find our shooters and we find Mikesh.”

“Meanwhile I think you should talk to Tanya and give her a heads up.”

“On it.”

Then the officer went to Tanya.

“I am sorry Ms.Nagpal we are doing all that we can to find your fiance.”

“Yeah I know officer.”

“Ms. Nagpal you said he was shot at his back right?”


“But our doctors seem to differ. The blood at the site is from the ribs.”

“You mean he was shot again?”

“We don’t know for sure.”

“You gotta find him quick or else he’ll bleed dry to death.”

“On it.”











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