I knew were were driving south of where I was kept. There seemed to strangely be no traffic. We drove as a constant speed. I was too dazed out with all the shooting and the re shooting but at least I knew that they didn’t want me dead. They removed both the bullets from my body. And also patched the area to stop it from bleeding. It helped but I yet yelped in pain. The car immediately came to a haul. I was taken out and shoved in a room. It was quite dark I couldn’t see a face but I did saw a tattoo. I was an ace of hearts. And it was written on top of it Black-Jack!

My hands were tied. With a rope of some sort. There was nothing in the room that I could use to cut it. But I did remember keeping a paper pin with me in my shirt. I didn’t know why but I did. I kneed down and the pin fell from the pocket. I picked it from behind of my back. And tried cutting the rope loose. At one point it injected my skin. I yelped in pain. Some blood oozed out. It was a deep cut. I put it out and again started cutting the rope. This time I succeeded. I removed it as soon as I could and ran out of there but no luck the door was locked. I knew I could break it. It took few kicks but it flung open in no time. I ran outta  there but was caught mid way. In the mean time I got hold off a phone and placed a 911 call and I switched on the GPS on the phone so that they might be able to track it. I slide it under the sofa. I thought we were moving again. And luckily enough they didn’t find the cut on my hand nor checked the room.

NYPD arrived shortly.

“NYPD! Open up.”



“Uh.. not clear?”

“What do you mean?”

“Check this out. There is a bloop spat here.”

“Let me guess O+ve.”

“Its Mikesh’s.”

“Do we know anything about where they went?”

“No but we found the phone and there is blood on it.”

“Right. That’s a dead end.”

“Maybe not. I ran down the same procedure we did the other day and guess what they were a match to the Mercedes that took Mikesh the other day. The security cam footage is on its way as we talk.”


Back at the precinct.

“So the security cam footage has not been tampered this time. And it puts the van on a haul in Park Avenue. 51st St.”

“Call Tanya this might be the last chance to her fiance alive.”

“on it.”

“And tell them to wait outside. They will reach earlier. It might be dangerous given these men are armed.”

The NYPD reached in no time. Tanya was already there.

“Ms.Tanya do you know how to operate a gun?”

“You think I would need one? I can carry a 9 caliber.”

“Good. Here.”

“Lets go.”

They banged open in the venue.




“They are gone.”


“Tanya came down.”

“Then why dump the car there?”

“Because they knew we knew.”

“Now what?”

“No luck this time there is concrete everywhere.”

“They must have gotten away from a place we can’t scrub traffic cam footage.”

“Exactly. Lets put out an APB on Mikesh and lock every exit to the city. If they are here they aren’t going far.”

Soon an APB was put on Mikesh and every exit was put under the micro scope. Nothing so far.


We were headed somewhere this time too. Except this time I don’t know where. And there was traffic this time. We seemed to stop every now or then. And then we stop what looked like a check. NYPD must have ordered to lock the city up. I thought my end was near. They will never turn me in to the police just like that. And we took a U-turn from there. They took me to a warehouse and my worst nightmare came true. There I saw Atiyah Abd al-Rahman all armed up. Again I knew my end was near.

“Hey Mr.Chowdhari. Long time no see.”

“I see you I kill you.”

“Oh really. Looks like I am with the arms now.”

“Go ahead shoot me. I am not afraid to die.”

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.  There were 3 shots to Mikesh. All of them in the chest. He fell unconscious. They thought he was dead and left him there.

The NYPD followed the car after it took a U-turn and police noticed it do so.  They wen t to the ware house following the van when they found Mikesh. He was bleeding but still alive. He was rushed to the nearest hospital. He was unconscious for the better part of the day.  But later at mid night he regained his conscious. Luckily this time the first thing he asked about was Tanya.

“Hey baby.”


“How are you doing?”


“Mikesh I just want you to know all that time when you were gone I never lost hope. On you. On us. I knew you were going to come back to me. That we were going to be together again. That we’ll get engaged and married.”


“After all this time.”

“Always. There’s something you should know too. All that time I was gone I just kept thinking about you. All the times we have spent together. All the moments we shared. And I just want you to know that whatever happens, bad, good or ugly I will be there for you. And that I love you, Tanya.”

“I love you too, Mikesh.”

“Come here.”

I half hugged him. It was the best feeling ever. To have him back and alive. For a moment I thought I will never see him again but destiny had other plans for us. He was right there with me.












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