It was time after all those incidents. We tried putting it behind us. We did. It was time for our engagement. Every bureaucrat, aristocrat and every known  person from the field of politics, sports, Bollywood and law was there. It was a greatly decorated hall. My family insisted on paying for half of it but Mikesh and his parents insisted that they should take care of it. I was dressed in a beautiful golden and red saree. Mikesh wore a jet black suit. Three piece. He looked dashing.

“You look dashing there, handsome.”

“You are not that bad either, beautiful.”

“Oh, I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“It was one.”

“BTW meet me at the room after the engagement.”

“Done deal.”

The engagement went on perfectly. We exchanged rings. And as planned we met at my room. He had taken off his suit and waist coat. I was yet in my saree. I encircled my arms around his neck. I knew he was surprised but enjoying himself too. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. He inched close and placed his lips on my fore head. In return I kissed him on his cheeks. I hugged him. I didn’t know why but his arms felt the safest place on earth to me. He had told me several times that he would not let anything happen to me. And I believed him with my whole heart. I knew he will stand in harm’s way to protect me even if it cost him his life. He has done it before and he was willing to do it again. I didn’t know why I felt like spending the night with him. In his arms. Talking about our future.

“Mikesh is it possible we could spend the night together?”

“Of course. I’ll just ask my bother to cover for me.”

“Come here.”

I held his hand and dragged him towards the bed. He lay down. Popped open some of his buttons. I lay next to him. I placed my head on his chest. He put a hand around him. I put my hand on his stomach and gently moved it every now and then.

“Well we still have decide on something.”


“We still need to finalize a venue for our wedding.”

“Right. When are we getting married anyways?”

“The date is yet to be finalized. The pandit ji will come tomorrow.”

“Hopefully its in the spring.”

“Spring? Why so?”

“Its not too hot not too cold. Its just perfect.”

“It would be if we had spring in India. All we have is Basant.”

We chuckled and the last thing we knew we slept in each other arms. That was a cold night and I struggled for warmth. I inched closer to Mikesh if it was even possible. And dozed off to sleep in no time.

The sun rays wriggled in the room and woke me up. Mikesh was up too but didn’t move.

“Hey beautiful.”

“Hey handsome.”

“You up?”

“Yeah. What time is it?”


“What? And we are still in bed? Together?”

“No one knows.”

“And how is that?”

“Because I sent everyone site seeing. And said I had some work around the office and you had an early class to the academy.”

“Very well Mr.Smartypants.”

“Never call me that again. I hate it. Natasha used to call me that.”

“Speaking of which who is she really?”

“My ex. We went out only for like a few days.”

“Yet the first thing you ask about you woke up was her?”

“I was heavily sedated.”

“Fare well. So what are your plans?”

“OUR plans you mean. We need to get there before they figure out what we are up to.”

“Why are you in a hurry?”

“We could spend some time in the evening if that’s what you meant.”

“Evening it is.”

“Lets get ready.”


I wore a yellow salwar kameez and Mikesh wore a white shirt and denims with woodland shoes and a silver Ray-Ban glare. He looked out of the world. I would have worn something western hadn’t mom told me to dress in traditional whenever I am around Mikesh and his family. We were to go the Marines to meet mine and his family. We went on in his car. He put on some music and the song “Yeh Dooriyaan” came along after some time. I just looked at Mikesh and remembered the time we had spent apart. I had grown to like this song. And one particular line.

Kabhi Hua Yeh Bhi
Khali Rahon Pe Bhi
Tu Tha Mere SaathKabhi Tujhe Milke Lauta
Mera Dil Yeh Khali Khali Haath
Yeh Bhi Hua Kabhi
Jaise Hua Aabhi
Tujhko Sabhi Mein Paa Liya

“You know Mikesh when you were gone I listened to this song and I would wonder about you. Of all the times we had had together.”
“That’s sweet.”
“And we are here.”
It was a beautiful sight. It was almost the time of sunset. I texted Mikesh.
“Its evening.”
“I know but we are surrounded by family.”
“You are bailing out on this.”
“Oh come we just spent the night together I could bail on this.”
“Permission granted.”
“Thank you.”
We spent the rest of the day with our families. And then we had the dinner at the J W Marriott. Mikesh again insisted to pay the bill this time he agreed to split the bill. We went to separate roads from then. But not for long. My parents invited Mikesh for lunch the other day. The pandit ji had decided the date for our marriage. It was 25th December. Mikesh was invited just to celebrate. Mother asked me to cook. And I decided to cook Mikesh’s favorite. He always told me he liked Matar Paneer and Toor ki Dal with it. I cooked that in no time. It was time for Mikesh to come. He said he was going to come directly from office. He arrived. He was wearing a white shirt and a black suit with a silver tie. He always looked handsome. We welcomed him and went straight was dinner.
“This food is fab aunty.”
“Actually Tanya made it.”
“Its delicious, Tanya.”
“Thanks Mikesh.”
“Accha aunty uncle now please give me leave. I gotta go to work back from here.”
“So late beta?”
“Some work just came up so they called me up.”
“Okay. Tanya drop him by his car. Will you?”
“Sure mom. Come Mikesh.”
I dropped him by his car and he took it from there back to work. We talked for a while on phone after he finished his work. He sounded exhausted so I let him sleep early but only after he promised me a dinner date some other day.

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