“NYPD open up!”




“They must have known that we were going to search for them.”

“Have CSU swipe the whole area up. We must leave no stone upturned to find Mikesh and  Semion Mogilevich.”

Back at the precinct.

“So CSU swiped the whole area up but looks like it was all wiped clean. But we did find one evidence that might connect to Mikesh and Semion Mogilevich.”

“Are you waiting for some holy ceremony to tell that?”

“Sorry. It was a pen.”

“So who does that connect to Mikesh or Semion Mogilevich?”

“Its not just a pen. Its a pen drive.”

“Here’s what I don’t understand. If the wiped the whole apartment clean why leave a pen?”

“Maybe they were trying to leave a message.”

“There is only one way to know.”

“I’ll plug it in.”

“So whats on it?”

“It appears to be a thousand folders.”


“Yeah. Look at this. Its all different names of cities around the globe.”

“Open one of it.”

“Oh, my God.”


“Look there is Mikesh and Semion Mogilevich meeting with..”

“Atiyah ab-Al Rehman.”

“Put an APB on Mikesh and Semion Mogilevich. They won’t leave the city. Not under my watch.”

Some time later..

“So we scrubbed the traffic cam footage. We did saw something unusual. Check this out. This van that seems quite bit normal surprisingly takes a U-turn seeing the cops and wait for it after almost 20 minutes we spotted this.”

“That’s Mikesh.”

“That’s right only..”

“Only what?”

“You recognize this place in the background? Its a Thai cuisine restaurant.”

“What would they do there?”

“There is a more important question than that. From the police holding this place is like 2 minutes away. But they took 20 minutes to reach here.”

“They must have stopped in between.”

“Yeah but why risk getting caught?”

“Scrub the traffic cam footage around 10 block radius. They must be caught somewhere.”

“On it.”

Some moments later.

“So I had unis scrub the footage along the ten block radius as you said. And we did get a lead. They were at that Thai restaurant 20 minutes later because they took a 10 minutes haul at a hardware shop.”

“What for?”

“Well I contacted the owner he says he remembers someone with Mikesh’s description visiting last night. They bought duct tape, a 12000v battery and some wires. I think they might be taking hostage.”

“Sir you need to see this.”

Increases the volume on the TV.

“The BBC news received a call from Atiyah ab-Al Rehman. He said he has landed in America and this time damage will be more than 9-11. Before the call could be traced it was cut.”

“I think who they might be holding as a hostage.”

“That call came from a burner phone so there is no way to trace the call back.”


“Turned off.”

“There must be something leading. We are missing something. Where are we on the USB drive?”

“Tory is on it. So far there is nothing but the pictures of Semion Mogilevich and Mikesh.”

“Okay. Then lets call it a night shall we?”


The next day..

“Sir we didn’t get anything from those files. Just random pictures taken from Facebook and Instagram.”

“So that’s a dead end.”



Mikesh and Semion Mogilevich were making a run out of the country but they could not be seen at the airport as they knew there would be an APB out on them. So they changed their appearance and Semion Mogilevich had their passports made with his connections. Mikesh cut short his hair to resemble a military man and Semion Mogilevich wore a wig with long hairs. They had make up on and were all set for the airport when they hear the news about Atiyah Ab-Al Rehman being in America. Change of plans. They needed to track down Atiyah as fast as they could before he could make a move. Mikesh was a tech expert even though the NYPD could not track Atiyah’s phone records Mikesh could. It showed that he had been in constant talk with back home at Al-Qaeda. They were up to something big. The length of the phone calls suggested that. Mikesh tracked down the phone and he matched a location to an abandoned ware house. It might be from where he was operating. They took a cab from there to the ware house to avoid suspicion. They reached there and went in unarmed. And then Mikesh was shot three times right in the chest.

And I woke up. I was in sweats. It must have been a nightmare. It had to be. I called Mikesh and he won’t pick up and that’s when I contacted the NYPD.

“Miss Tanya you sure this is not just a coincidence?”

“Yeah I am sure. And if it was why wasn’t Mikesh picking up his phone?”

‘Maybe because he was busy?”


“See your dream resembles a lot from reality. Have you been exposed to any drugs lately?”

“No, why?”

“Some drugs have the symptom of triggering some past memories into dreams.”

“No. I had nothing in last few days.”

“Okay we will track Mr. Chowdhari down and let you know.”

“Thanks officer.”

“Sir we were able to track down Mikesh. He is at his office. Could not pick up as he was in a meeting phone on silent.”

“Let Miss Tanya know.”

“On it.”

I still believe something was not right but when I get the call from NYPD. I was relieved. I wen to back to sleep but I could not. I had to see Mikesh and make sure for myself that he was alright.

I went for his office. Receptionist asked me to wait until the meeting got over. About half an hour later Mikesh came out. I was so relieved seeing him. I wanted to hug him but I didn’t as it was his workplace. Later he dropped me home. We wished each other good night and finally I could enjoy a great sleep.












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