The morning rays came from the window and woke me up. I stirred in sleep. I had my head placed on Mikesh’s chest. Realizing, I picked up his shirt laying on the floor. I wore it. I went to the little bar counter in our suite. I poured out some concentrated lemonade and diluted it with water. I went to Mikesh with it. I gently ruffled his hairs and he smiled in return. He opened his eyes and struggled with the brightness in the room. He smiled even more wildly when he saw me wearing nothing but just his shirt. He sat up on the bed and twirled me to sit in his laps. He was wearing his pajamas. I encircled my arms around him. He looked deep in my eyes.

“God I love you so much.”

“Awe. I love you too babe.”

I moved towards him and gave him a good and long kiss on his lips. He smiled all through. He really liked it when I used to take initiative for a kiss. We then changed and went for breakfast. My Punjabi husband surprisingly had corn flakes and milk while I had a cheese sandwich. We then went on a walk on the beach. I held his hand and intertwined our fingers. My Chooda lightly brushed against his hand. We walked for quite a while. Mikesh could never get tired. He had this huge stamina and on the other hand I could barely walk anymore.

“Mikesh I don’t think I can walk now.”

“Well that’s not a problem.”

He said as he swept me off my feet. I encircled my arms around his neck and kept my head on his chest. He walked us both back to our suite. He laid me on the bend and was going away when I held his hand and pulled him towards me. He bent down and kissed me on my forehead. I smiled and let go off his hand. He then ordered some lunch for us. As usual he ordered Pasta for me and Indian for himself. We ate in silence. There was something weird about Mikesh. He was constantly was doing something on his phone like he was working on some very serious issue.

“Mikesh, what is it?”


“You haven’t eaten anything in a while. What are you doing on the phone?”

“Just work popped up babe but I am done now.”

“So eat now.”


We ate again and after we were done we decided to take a nap. W slept in complete peace . It really is awesome how in so less time you can get so attached to someone. It was hard to imagine my life without him. He was the soul in my body. Smile on my face. The blush in my cheeks. He was really my soul mate.We were so meant to be together. I kissed him on his chest through his shirt. He was sleeping so peacefully like a baby. I too nuzzled close to him and slept.

We woke of at what was close to seven thirty. We both were pretty tired from the beach walk. We decided to go out for dinner today instead of having it in the hotel that we were staying in. We both dressed up quite much. Mikesh wore a white shirt, red tie and black suit with black pant. I for a change wore a red silk saree. Mikesh thought I looked really good in Indian. So he deserved little gift. We went to a restaurant that was basically located very near to the beach. We took a table and had dinner. We came back to the hotel and in mid way it started raining heavily. We got of he car and Mikesh was kinda running towards the hotel when I caught his hand and stopped him. I turned him towards me and locked my hands behind his neck. I leaned close to him and lightly placed my lips on his. He too joined in. The rain made it all the more sensual. He picked me up in his arms and took me to our suite.That night it wasn’t about the love or the passion it was the need we felt. It was pure wild. We really didn’t sleep that night at all. It was at six in the morning that both of us were really spent and couldn’t take even a second more waking up. We both slept till the noon that day and went straight for lunch. After that we decided to sleep a bit more. It was or last day in Maldives. And after that Mikesh was leaving on a business tour to Amsterdam. I was devastated by that.But you gotta do what you gotta do.

We were seated in the balcony. We were lying on the half seated half lying chair. Mikesh was lying down and I was partially over him and partially in the chair with my head on his chest. I held him close to me.

“Don’t go naa Mikesh.”

“If I had a choice I would have stayed babe.”

“I’d miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

“And I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He kissed my hairs. I nuzzled closer to him. We slept like that on the balcony itself.

We then went back to Delhi. Mikesh was to leave in two days and so we decided to spend as much time as was possible together. We hardly left each other alone. But soon those two days were over and Mikesh left for Amsterdam. We used to talk and Skype daily. However tired he maybe he never said so. HE was away for two weeks and each day without him was becoming to unbearable. He promised to return soon but could not help the work. Then something strange happened. The calls became shorter and he always sounded tensed on the phone.He wont even pick up in the first time and would always hurry to hang up. Something was wrong.


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