Long Distance Relationship 

It was high time Rohan thought that he told her of his feelings. It was going out of his grip and he really wanted her to know. He went to her place to tell her. “Naira I wanted to tell you something.” “Yes Rohan.” “Naira I..”  “Surprise!” Sameer  said as he unlocked the door. “Sameer.”  Naira screamed in joy. She went to him and hugged him. Rohan was devastated. Sameer’s timing could not have been more perfect. He just left the couple alone and left for his house. On the way he sat at the elevated area besides the road and thought only if he had had enough courage he could have told Naira how he felt about her. It started raining. He screamed at the top of his voice. It took him almost another drenching hour to get home. He was seriously ill but didn’t want to disturb the beloved couple. But he was too weak to take or move. He didn’t even attend college for a few days. Naira suspected something And thought of checking on him. She went to his house. He opened the door. The once fit and healthy Rohan looked so weak and fragile that her heart broke to see him like this. She put her hand to touch his head and felt his skin burning with fever. “Rohan you are burning like hell.” “It’s okay Naira. I can handle myself. “” Are you insane why didn’t you call me?” “I thought you must be busy with all that Sameer coming and all. I didn’t want to disturb you guys.” “are you insane Rohan.” “you keep saying that.” “Leave that come lets see a doctor.” She said holding his hand. “Whoa whoa whoa Naira.” “Pyaar Sameer se karti ho aur haq mujh par jata rahi ho.” “What the hell ya Rohan. Come one.” “Fine.” He really wished he could tell her how much  he loved her.


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