We soon found out our prime suspect from the CCTV footage. We ran facial recognition and found out our suspect for Rehman Al-Hazier. That would explain the foreign accent the retails shopkeeper was talking about. We soon put out an APB out for him and began turning ever stone to find this guy. We also contacted Mr. Rajesh Bhagnani as the prime objective of any abduction is ransom. We tapped all of his phones and put out an under cover team at his house 24*7. We didn’t want any of the leads in this case to minimize. We searched every nook and corner of the city but we had tough luck. He seemed to be a profession. I used my contacts back at Pakistan. Some of the best under cover agents who had been living with the top terrorist groups for years but we found that he belonged to none of them. He was a lone soldier.

“James, look at any unusual activity reported in last 48 hours. He couldn’t have just taken someone and vanished in thin air.”

“Copy sir.”

“And also look for his phone records and financial statements we may find something worth in those.”

“On it, sir”

“And any news on that APB we put out on him?”

“Not yet sir but we are looking.”

“Okay and I want every exit, every subway, every airport aced with security.”

“We already have it sir.”

“Then double them.”

“Sure sir.”

I didn’t want anything to slip out of control from my hand.

“Sir, I think I found some thing.”

“What is it?”

“Sir I pinged his cellphone to the nearest tower and it was switched on for just a millisecond but we could trace it to Park Avenue St. 87.”

“Good job James. I want all the force near Park Avenue to round up 2 block radius area immediately. Let’s go.”

We reached Park Avenue and I could immediately spot our suspect. He was buying what looked like a bagel from a street vendor. I call the unis to round up the entire area. We didn’t want to lose him. I went straight to him.

“FBI. Hands where I can see them.”

He followed very politely. Something was wrong. Before we could approach him…

“Everybody down.”

I shouted as I knew he was wearing a bomb on him. My watch had lost its control as soon as I closed him. There was a loud explosion.But luckily no one was hurt expect me. Being the closet to him I burned a few places of my body but was nothing serious.

I was taken to Medic and my wounds were cleaned and bandaged. I wont let them clean it as I itched a lot when you apply antiseptic on the burned wounds. But they however did. I then went back home.

I tossed and turned in bed but could not get any sleep. I got up and again went to the head quarters. I looked at the crime board. We were again back to square one. We didn’t have anything to present to the seniors or the District Attorney. I looked at the details of Rohan’s files. Everything was missing. No phone or financial records. No details of where he stayed. Nothing. I had to make some calls.

“Hello. This is detective Mikesh calling from FBI. I wanted to know the phone details of no. 9854732109.”

“Sir I am gonna need a inquiry warrant for that please.”

“Yeah I have e-mailed you the warrant. Check for the mail from the address”

“Sure sir. Give me a second.”


“Sir, I have confirmed the warrant and sent you the confirmation mail. The details regarding the no. Should reach you anytime between the next 24 hours.”

“Thank you.”

Now I had to call the bank.

“Hello. This is detective Mikesh calling from FBI. I wanted the details of ACC. No. 1339087632763. I have emailed you the inquiry warrant from our official email Id.”

“Yes sir. Give me a moment.”


“Sir the details should reach you anytime in the next 24 hours.”

“Thank you.”

I was about to lock my phone when I saw the wallpaper. It was a selfie I and Tanya took on our honeymoon in Maldives by the beach. I had an ardent desire to call her.

So I did.

“Hey babe.”

“Oh my, God. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, Why?”

“No, you called on your own. Strange.”

“Ha ha ha. Enough of the leg pulling. I was really missing you.”

“Awe. Then come back naa baby.”

“I wish I could. But the deal I was working with I thought would be over till now but its taking a lot of time.”

“I miss you too.”

“And hows everything? The in-laws treating you well?”

“No wonder why you are so spoiled. You parents are so loving and caring.”

“So you are having a great time.”

“Yeah but I miss you a lot, Mikesh.Please come back soon. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Okay now Bye.”

“Okay. Bye.”

I cut the call and went back home. I knew I could not sleep anymore so began watching TV. There was nothing good to watch as usual. I put on daily news and started looking trough my mobile when I received a call from an unknown number.


“Hello. Mikesh sir?”

“This is he.”

“Sir I wanted to talk to you about the Rohan Bhagnani kidnapping case,”

“What about that?”

“Sir not like this, Can we meet?”


“Sir, do you the cafe near Central Park?”

“The Dutch?”

“Yes sir. Can we meet there in fifteen minutes?”


“Okay, sir.”


Finally I got a lead on my case. But what he wanted to share was still unknown to me. But it was something to look forward to. I went to the cafe and waited for about an hour but no one showed. I was dejected and was going to come back when I saw a teenager approaching me. I thought it was him. We sat down and talked for about two hours.


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