“So what do you know about the kidnapping of Rohan Bhagnani?”

“Sir the photo they showed on media of Rehman, Sir he is a classmate of mine.”

“Where do you both study?”

“Sir, at New York University.”

“Okay what can you tell me about Rehman?”

“Sir, it all started when he arrived as an exchange student for the year. He was very weird sir. He always used to keep to himself and read one particular book at all time.”


“I didn’t know, Sir.”

“Okay. Go on.”

“Sir then one day out of the blue he invited me to his home for dinner. I first I didn’t know what to do but then he insisted so I agreed to go. Sir, I reached his house a little early but he wasn’t there but the door was unlocked. I thought he did that for me so I went it. Everything seemed normal until I came across a room.”

“What room?”

“Sir it was kinda deconstructed compared to the rest of the house with withered walls and some water on the ground. I saw there was the map of New York city. And he had marked a few places. Then his laptop was also open. There was an article about the 9/11 attacks on it. I browsed through his browsing history. There were several articles about similar attacks and riots in the US dating back to even 1950. And articles and Wikipedia pages of all terrorists from Osama Bin Laden to Mohammed Gadaffi. He always saw various YouTube videos about how to make untraceable bombs the ones used in massacre of Rajiv Gandhi. Sir I found it inappropriate so I left the place. But I am worried that he saw me leaving.”

“Okay. I’ll put you under protected custody.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“And about these places he marked. Do you remember any of them? Maybe that’s where he is keeping Rohan.”

“Sir, most of them were of public gathering like Central Park or Time Square. But there was one of a deserted warehouse in 76th St. Near the St. Louise church.”

“Okay thank you. Wait here. I’ll send my inspector to take you to protected custody.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“No problem. You may have just help us get closer to our fugitive.”

“It was my duty, sir.”

“Yeah. But don’t go anywhere. And you haven’t told anyone about all this, have you?”

“No sir.”

“Okay. Good.”


I went back to the headquarters and got my arms and ammunition. I also took a back-up team. We went to the warehouse. We saw that there was someone present there. We unlocked our guns and went in.

“Hands where I can see them.”

I shouted but in return there was raining of bullets from all round the corner. We hid behind pillars and began knocking everyone of them down. When we were done there was only Rehman left. And of course Rohan.

“Rehman, there is no need to kill Rohan. Your problem is with us. We were responsible for the death of your uncle Bin Laden.”

Before coming to the warehouse I found one thing strange. Why was Rehman interested in Bin Laden and 9/11 attacks. I searched and found that Laden had a nephew named Rehman.

“But can your acceptance bring my Uncle back?”

“Leave Rohan so that we can talk you out of this.”

“Okay. Hey, you go.”

Rohan ran as fast he could and my team escorted him to protective custody.

“What do you want?”

“I want each and everyone of you to die.”

“That is not possible Rehman.”

“Okay. How about you then. Life for life, death for death.”

“Okay. But let my team go.”

By the time I had already gestured my team to call bomb squad as I knew he was wearing a bomb on his. My watch again lost it run as soon as I closed him.

“Fine. Now tell me who do you love the most in your life?”

“My Wife. Why?”

“Oh nice.Call her. I want her to hear you die.”

“Don’t do that.”

“I heard my uncle die, she must hear you die so that I can take my revenge.”


I dialed her.

“Hello Tanya.”

“Give me the phone.” Rehman said.

I passed the phone to him.

“Say your last goodbyes miss. Your husband is going to heaven.”

“What?” Tanya screamed and that was the last time I heard her. Rehman pressed the button of the time bomb set for ten seconds. I ran for my life as I heard him laugh. I just left the warehouse and there was a huge explosion. I was thrown with the explosion and landed almost 10m away. My whole body was burning with fire. The bomb squat put blankets on me and then I lost my conscious.


I woke up after 72 hours of being in a critical condition. I was rescued safely. But burnt on my places but luckily not severely but just minor burns. But the impact of that throw was hard. I had fractured my shoulder and it was covered with a cast now. And also my left arm had a hair line fracture. It was also covered with cast but the best part was that now all of it was over and finally I could go back home to Tanya.

I landed on the CSTI after a week when my scars had left my body. I didn’t want her to know about what I did in

New York as she thought I went to Amsterdam. I saw her waiting impatiently for me. I went to her and her eyes welled up seeing me after so long. I still had cast on my arm and shoulder I had told her that I fell of stair case. She came and carefully hugged me. I too hugged her back as my own eyes welled up with tears. Then we went home together. She helped me everyday with simple things I could not do because of the cast. But then after a month both my hand and shoulder were fine and my cast removed. Tanya and I were back to normal again Back to being us again and it was nice to be home.


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