As I said I sent the divorce papers with my attorney to her. She consulted with her attorney and we both met after a month in the divorce lawyer’s office. She looked pale. Like she hadn’t had anything for days. Her face looked tired.


We met after a month at the divorce lawyer’s office. He was already there when I came. He looked the same. Just his hairs were different. He had it trimmed from the sides. He was wearing black glares and a three piece suit. There were no emotions whatsoever on his face. He looked as rude as he could. When I came in he didn’t even look at me. He was seated in his chair.


“I see you both came here to get a divorce sanctioned.”


He said.

“So are both the parties wanting a divorce?”



We both said.

“So I think there is no need for a delay. You both my sign here and Ms. Tanya don’t write Chowdhari at the end of your name because well it won’t make any sense.”


We both signed the papers.

“You both are no longer husband and wife.”

“Thank you, sir.”

He said and took off. For whole time not even once did he look at me. He was standing outside when I came out of the office. He was talking to someone on phone when my driver came and told me that my car had broke down. He over heard us talking and for the first time in a month he talked to me.

“I could drop you off.”

“No, thank you I’ll manage.”

“You won’t get any autos or taxis in this part of the city. Let me drop you.”

“I said I didn’t need your help.”

I said and was walking away when he held my held and left it as soon as he held it. I know we had been married for three months but yet every time he touched me a current ran down my spine.

“Tanya, wait. I know I haven’t spoken to you since the last month but let me drop you.”


We sat in his car as he drove me home. It was an thirty kilometers ride and that was a long time to spend with your ex husband. We didn’t speak even a word for the entire time. Each passing moment felt like an hour to me. Its true that when you are enjoying a day passes like a second and when you are going trough pain a second seems as long as a day. Those forty minutes felt like that to me. He dropped me off and without speaking another word left from there.

I was due for doctor’s appointment for abortion that day. I went to the clinic and waited for my turn. I went in and the doctor said that we had to take a sonogram before we could do the abortion. We did and then when I heard my child’s heartbeats for the first time I knew that very moment that I could not in anyway abort this baby. I just wanted to call Mikesh and tell him that but I could not reach his cell. I tried calling his home. His mom picked up and informed me that he missed a flight to New York earlier but he caught another and went to New York for eight months. He missed his first flight as he was dropping me home. He still loved me and I needed to tell him that I loved him too. But he was gone. And the doctor advised me to not to travel in such condition. He would be back just around the time when I will have this baby.


Meanwhile in New York..


I was out for catching a fugitive.

“Paul I need to know where is he right now.”

“Copy sir. Sir he exited the ATM vestibule just two minutes ago according to his bank statement. He made a withdrawal of three thousand dollars.”

“Why will he need that kind of money and where did an ex-con get that kind of money?”

“I don’t know sir but I could ask the bank to provide us with the statement of last month but we wont get that before 24 hours.”

“Okay. I am coming back to the precinct.”

And I drove my car there.

“Did you ask the bank to provide us with the statement ASAP.”

“No sir. I could not get the DA’s office to sanction us a warrant.”


“Sir they are saying we don’t have enough proofs on him that could tie him to this murder.”

“What? Dial the DA’s office right now.”

“Copy sir.”

“Hello, District Attorney’s Office. How may I help you sir?”

“Hello. I am detective Mikesh Chowdhari calling from the 12th precinct homicide. Can I speak with Mr. Charles please?”

“Sorry sir. Mr.Charles is busy right now.”

“Ma’am please understand there is an emergency. A murdered is on the loose and I can’t afford any further delay. If you could please.”

“I’ll try to get you in sir please hold the line.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“You shall be speaking to Mr.Charles now.”

“Hello, sir. This is Mikesh Chowdhari calling from the 12th precinct homicide. Sir, this is regarding the Madison Avenue murder case. I want you to sanction me a warrant for getting David de’Costa’s bank statement.”

“I am aware of the situation Mr.Chowdhari but as  I told your subordinate I can’t assign you a warrant based on nothing.”

“Its not nothing sir. He is an ex-con and he was there at the night of the murder.”

“Do you have witness to confirm he was there?”

“That’s how I got to know that he was there that night sir.”

“Okay. Send me a copy of the sworn testimony of your witness and I shall sanction you a warrant.”

“Surely sir.”

“Good day then.”


I hung up.


“What’s wrong sir?”

“He wants a sworn testimony of the witness who puts him on the crime scene.”

“But we don’t have a witness.”

“That’s an issue.”

“What do we do know sir?”

“We create a witness.”

“You mean perjury?”

“We have to okay? We don’t have another choice.”

“But sir how are you so sure that it was him at the crime scene.”

“Because I know his M.O. Paul. He always kills with a knife and leave a blood trail down the crime scene.”

“Okay. But how are we gonna convince a person to commit perjury?”

“We wont. We wont tell them that they are committing perjury. We need to find a person who doesn’t know about the constitution and who will agree to do anything for some money. Like a janitor or rag picker or someone of the same class.”

“On it sir.”

“Thanks, Paul.”

I called it a night and went to my hotel room. I was pissed at the thought of committing perjury as it was against the law but I had to do it anyway. Unless I could put him on the crime scene in any other way. I took my car and went to the crime scene. I closely inspected the area. There was CCTV camera in a shop which was angled in a way that it could see the entrance of the building. I went to the shop and the shopkeeper didn’t have much idea about a warrant and gave me the footage. I went back to the precinct and played the tape. I sensed that someone was watching my back. I could see him but it tried looking at him through the screen of my computer. He was David de’Costa. He knew I will find him on that CCTV footage and he came to destroy the only piece of evidence I have on him. He inched closer to me and had a knife in his hand. I got up pushing the chair back so that it would block him. It waded him back a few feet and gave me enough time to pick up the gun and load it. I pointed the gun at him.

“Hands where I can see them, David.”

“There is no need to shoot me, Mikesh.”

“How do you know me?”

“I know you when you left my friend Rehman dying in that warehouse.”

“Oh.. way back man but if you don’t know he was wearing a bomb and not me.”

“Drop the gun and I will drop the knife. Lets fight this man to man.”

“Fine by me.”

I said as I dropped the gun and went towards him. I loose my suit and stretched a bit. I punched him right at his face. He did the same. I punched him twice again and got hold of his hand when he was about to punch me but he turned his hand and twisted mine in the process. He then locked on of his arms around my neck.

“Dreaded, officer? Why are you so angry all the time? Why did you come to New York? If I kill you now how will you see the face of your baby?”


“Oh shocked to here that? Yes your ex-wife didn’t abort your child. The day she went for a sonogram she decided against it. She tried calling you but you were on a plane to let me guess, your death.”


I said as I pushed him at the back of the office and banged him through a glass wall. He left me. I punched me once or twice before he fell un conscious. He had given me some shocking news before that. I went back to the computer screen. I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation until I felt a huge blow on my head and knife plunging through my skin. That scum bag acted unconscious. I grabbed my head and collapsed on the floor.

I woke up what felt like a century after I remembered being awake.

“What happened, Paul?”

“You lost a lot of blood and David got away with the evidence.”

“No he didn’t.”

“He took the pen drive sir.”


“What do you mean?”

“I mean I saw him coming and I copied the footage on our computer.”

“Sir you are great.”

“I know buddy. By the way how ,any stitches did I get?”

“Oh sir, seven on your head and five on your back.”

“Oh twelve in total. Not bad.”

“Sir David is still on the loose.”

“I know.”

“Sir, should I call Mrs.Chowdhari?”

“No she shouldn’t be tensed. She is having my baby.”

“Oh I didn’t know, sir. Congratulations.”

“Thank you. Well where on we on his bank statements?”

“Sir the three thousand dollars came from an unauthorized account.”

“Let me guess untraceable.”

“Right, sir.”

“So its a dead end.”

“Seems so.”

“So lets call it a night and we’d come and sort this case out in the morning.”

“Right away. Take care, sir.”

“Yeah you too, Paul.”

I was lying at my hospital bed and could not think about anything but about what David said. He said Tanya was going to have my baby. I could not not call her.



“Oh, my God. Mikesh is that you?”


“Baby.. I missed you.”

“I missed you too baby.”

“How are you?”

“I.. am good. How are you?”

“I am good.”

“And.. how is the…?”


“The baby.”

“You know about it?”

“Yeah I got to know about it somehow. So how’s..”

“The.. baby. He is fine too.”


“I mean he or she.”


“So when are you coming home?”

“I don’t know. I am working on a case.. I mean I am working on a deal. It would take some time.”

“Okay. And hey about the divorce?”


“Yeah don’t worry about it. I’ll call my lawyer and get it canceled.”


“Okay. I’ll call you later then.”

“Okay. Bye. Take care.”

“Bye. Take care.”

“And hey, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

It felt so good talking to her after so long. It felt like the weight I had been carrying all these days was off my back now. No I just got to finish this case and get back to Tanya and my baby.


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