Arranged – The Last Chapter

“Where do you think he is now?”

“I can’t get location, sir. He has switched his phone off. If he switches it on for even a second and it catches signal we can get to closest tower it pinged into.”

“Keep tracking and keep me updated.”

“Yes, sir.”

Meanwhile I went again to the crime scene with the CSU reports with me.  I closely inspected each and every aspect of the report so as to connect any loose ends back to David. But I could not find any so I went ahead to look at the crime scene myself. I went trough everything once again in reality as stated in the report. I went to a window to just look out when I found that the lock of the window was cracked almost like someone tried to forcefully open it. I looked out of it and it was about 10m high from the ground level. If anyone wanted to jump out of it he would get hurt seriously. I called Paul immediately.

“Hey, Paul, I just saw that the window of Jessica’s apartment is jammed. And someone had to jump out of it. Its almost 10m high and anyone would get hurt if he tried to jump out of here. Could check with the hospitals in a five meter radius if anyone reported to an emergency of like a cramp or fracture in the leg? That way we might be able to track it down to David. And put an APB out on him. That scum bag is not leaving this city without me knowing it.”

“On it sir.”

“Very well.”

I hung up when I received a call from Tanya.



“What are you doing?”

“Missing you.”

“Awe. And how is my baby?”

“Good. How are you?”

“I am good.”

“When will you be back?”

“I don’t know. But I promise I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay now get back to work.”

“Okay.  Bye. Take care.”

“Okay bye.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I hung up on Tanya. I could not even express that how much I wanted to be back to her and m to-born-baby.  But I had to finish this case first. Meanwhile, Paul called me.

“Hello, sir.”

“Yes, Paul. What’s up?”

“Sir a man did report with a broken limb at City Hospital near the St. Mary’s church.”

“Okay. Did you send them a photo and asked them to confirm it was David?”

“Yes, sir. They did confirm it was him.”

“Finally. Meet me at the hospital.”

I drove to the City Hospital. We still ought to catch him there. I reached there put an unlocked gun in the front of my jeans. I reached to the room that was allotted to David. I peeked from the glass and what I saw shocked me to the core of my existence. There in that Emergency room was the entire Most Wanted Drug Dealers of New York. Now the only thing unclear was why did the drug lords of the century wanted a person so harmless like Jessica Parker dead?

I called Paul and asked him to retract from there as if they sensed police closing in on David there wont be much time before my whole team ends up dead. This case just became a priority and I had the assistance of Mark from the FBI.

“So update me on the case.”

“Jessica Parker was murdered in her apartment on 12th of May around 11.30 to 2 am. The prime suspect is David de’Costa who tried to attack me here in the precinct itself and that’s why you see this shaved head and this stitches.”

“Okay. So how well do we know David?”

“Well this is recent information that he is part of the biggest Drug Dealers currently operating in town.”

“So that’s why this became a priority case in the DA’s eyes.”

“That’s right.”

“So how to plan to arrest him?”

“We still don’t have enough on him as he covered his tracks quite brilliantly.”

“Well then we have to look more closely.”


“But not today lets call it a night. Where do you stay?”

“At a hotel. I am undercover agent.”

“Okay. Let’s chill out today. Come well will go to a bar. Drinks on me.”

“Okay. But let me call my wife first.”

“Oh you are married.”

“Yes. And she is going to have my baby shortly.”

“Oh wow. Congratulations man.”

“Thanks. I’ll just come.”


I went to a distance and called Tanya.



“What are you doing?”

“Nothing I was just going out with a colleague.”

“How are your stitches?”

“How do you know?”

“Paul told me.”

“They are good.”

“Come back I miss you.”

“I promise I’ll be back soon.”

“Bye. I love you.”

“Bye. I love you too.”

I hung up. That’s when Mark told me that they found a location on David. We followed that lead and caught hold of David and busted him during a drug deal. We soon found the murder weapon in his apartment and that was enough to try him for the case. I came back to Tanya and my baby.

It was late at one night when Tanya suddenly went to labor. I took her to the hospital but our car broke down in the mid way. I got of to repair it when I sensed some one behind me. I turned and felt a punch flight right into my face. Before I could react the person shot me with three gun shots. One in my chest, one in my abdominal region and one in my left shoulder region.i collapsed on the ground.

Tanya came running and sat down taking my head in her lap.

“Mikesh, don’t leave me, please.”

“I won’t. Till my last breath.”

“We will take you to the hospital. Everything will be alright.”

“Tanya, there is no use… I… Love… You. And also you.”

I said as I touched her womb.

“Mikesh, please stay.”

“Tanya, promise me you will never try out to find who did this to us because it will only take you closer to your death and you have to live for me. For our baby.”

“I promise, Mikesh.”

“I love you, Tanya.”

“I love you too Mikesh.”

That were his last words. He died that night at the road itself laying peacefully in his wife’s lap with his child. Tanya gave birth to a baby boy. But that night she had made a promise she knew she could not keep.


To Be Continued…..


The End. (For Now.)


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