Race Against Love


I hardly acknowledge anyone but this story is for two great friends. Things however didn’t work out with one of them but it doesn’t matter as I gave my hundred percent in the friendship. The second one moreover is a sweet heart and and a bae so this one is mainly for you, Deepika. Cheers!


“The tire are going to burst. Stop the car right now.”

“If I stop. I lose the race. And you know I hate losing and thus I never lose.”

“Do you want to die?”

“Better to die than live as a loser.”

“Stop right now.”

Meanwhile the commentator.

“No. 17 is right on the corner of winning the race but his tires don’t seem pretty well. He needs to stop right now or they will burst into flame and there can be a crash. He is not stopping. Brace yourselves people. THE CAR HAS CAUGHT FIRE. IT BUMPS IN THE DIVIDER AND FLIPS. OH MY GOD. IS HE ALIVE?”

A distant shout from the seats of a woman.


Three years ago…

“So he can drive?”

“Are you kidding? He can’t only drive. He is born to drive. He is the best racer in India right now and no one has signed him yet. He is a bit arrogant but its worth his unbeatable record in the race.”

“What is his name anyway?”

“Amar Singh Rajput.”

“Okay. Fix a meeting with him at a place of his interest.”

“Ma’am he will meet you only at the race course.”

“Fine. Which race course?”

“The California Speedway.”

“What? He isn’t in India?”

“No. Ma’am where will he race in India? He is an international racer.”

“Okay. Book a ticket to California.”

“Okay ma’am.”

The head of the marketing department enters the room.

“So Sakshi who did you decide to make the brand ambassador of our campaign?”

“Sir, I think the infamous racer Amar Singh Rajput will be the best choice.”

“Oh that NASCAR  driver?”

“Yeah sir.”

“A racer for a car company’s campaign. Excellent work Sakshi.”

“Thank you sir.”

“But I believe he doesn’t operate in India?”

“Sir I am booking a flight to California this weekend.”

“Okay. The company will take care of all the expenses. Enjoy your trip and make sure you sign him.”

“Yeah. Thank you sir.”

“Audi has a name to behold.”

“I’ll take care of it sir.”

And he left with that. BTW I am Sakshi Vashisth and this is not my story. This is a story of falling in love with someone so uncalled for that I couldn’t imagine that when we first met I will actually fall for him. But eventually I did fall for him but will he feel the same way? Or his dreams will stand in the way of our love story? That is enough for now because I have a flight and a meeting to prepare for. This arrogant hotshot is up for some dose to his arrogance. What kind of an Indian dreams of becoming the top NASCAR driver? Well different and interesting. I had to leave on Saturday which left only Friday to pack. But it will hardly be a two-day-trip so nothing much to pack but yet.

In no time Saturday arrived and I had to leave for California. I landed and my meeting was scheduled with Amar Singh Rajput at 6 in the evening. I changed into my formals and headed to the speedway. I waited in the lounge when his manager addressed me and said that he should be there any minute but if I wanted to see him drive I could accompany him at the stadium.

I thought why waste time sitting when I can watch him drive. I went to see him with his manager. He was taking just practice rounds but God was he fast. He drove like he had to take a take-off at the next turn. He was pretty good. He drove in sleeveless driving suit but I could hardly make out his face. After some minutes he halted his car and came up to us.

“Hey, Raghav. I think the car needs some tweaking. I can hardly roll on 250 kph. And who is this beautiful lady?”

“I am Sakshi Vashisth from Audi. I came here to sign you as a brand ambassador of our new campaign about the new race car series.”

“Okay. I don’t know my car is powered by a Ferrari engine. I have to call my lawyer to see if I can promote for another brand.”

“That won’t be an issue, sir. I checked with them before setting up the meeting.”

“Okay then. Miss Sakshi, why should I sign the deal?”

“Why you should not? We are the best.”

“Then why don’t I use your car than using Ferrari?”

“That is your poor shot Mr.Rajput. You see our engines provide greater horse power and our top model can go from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.3 seconds.”

“Impressive. But I have a deal. You power the engine for my next race. If I win I sign the deal. If I lose I don’t sign the deal. Deal?”

“What if you lose purposely?”

“Hahaha. I never lose. Not even if I want to.”

“Okay then. Deal.”


“I’ll see you tomorrow at the race.”

“Sure. I’ll look out for you. Raghav, make sure she gets the best seats.”

“Sure, sir.”

“Take care Sakshi.”

“You too, Amar.”

It was race time and as always Amar won it with ease. As a result he signed the deal with Audi and became their new brand ambassador. In the delight of winning he threw a party and even invited Sakshi to it. But there was a problem.

“Sorry but I can’t come to your party.”

“Why? You hate me that much?”

“Oh please. I don’t hate you.”

“You love me?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I am just kidding. Why cant you come to the party?”

“Because I have nothing to wear.”

“Okay. And we have no cloth store in California. That is an issue.”

“Its not like that.”

“Okay. What if before the party I take you shopping?”

“You are asking me out?”

“No I am not. I am asking you to go to shopping with me.”

“You are asking me out.”

“Okay. Call it what you want to. I like spending time with you.”

“Yeah. Okay we will go for shopping but I ‘ll pay for what I buy.”

“No way. Consider it as a gift for signing the deal.”

“Fine. Its impossible to argue with you.”

“Its possible to talk to me.”

“I am talking to you.”

“Lets ditch the meeting we have later.”

“What? Are you insane?”

“Please. Lets go for dinner.”



“You that desperate to go out with me?”

“No. I am not.”

“Okay. We can go to dinner and as well as shopping.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

“I’ll pick you up in the evening. Do you have something to wear to the dinner?”

“I’ll manage.”

“You know you could wear nothing.”

“Easy there, Tiger. It’s just dinner.”

“You don’t know what may happen.”

“We will see.”





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